EBSU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers Free PDF Download

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EBSU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers Free PDF Download

This article will guide you on how to apply for the Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki post UTME and download EBSU Post UTME Past Question and Answers.

EBSU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

Getting the Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki Post UTME Past Questions and the Answers is not just essential but MANDATORY if you want to succeed in the upcoming EBSU Post UTME Screening Exams. So keep reading to stay informed.

Over time now, our readers have been bombarding us with various questions concerning how to pass post UTME exams and how to get free EBSU PDF Post UTME past Questions and Answers.

Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki was founded in 1999 in Abakaliki, Nigeria. The university’s medical faculty was established in 1991 as ESUT’s Faculty of Health Sciences.

So, I’d really encourage you to go for one. I’m not trying to coax you to buy though, it’s your choice but I need to guide you on the right track to follow if I must see you gain admission and the best way is to get past questions. You really want to know why? I ain’t cajoling you as I said but these are the reasons;

  • It enlightens you on the scope of the exam
  • You won’t be in the dark about questions to expect in the examination.
  • You won’t need support rather you’ll be confident in yourself
  • You won’t develop examination fever as a result of not knowing where the questions will be coming from.
  • Equips you beforehand.
  • Guides you on how to answer exam technical questions

What are Post UTME Past Questions and Answers?

Post UTME Past Questions papers and Answers are questions and answers from previous Post UTME exams sat in the school. It is a compilation of previous years’ Post UTME questions with the authentic answers.

The Important of Using Past Questions to Prepare For Examination

The importance of past questions when it come to passing exams cannot be overemphaized, in fact it is indispensable.

If you want to succeed in any exams, you will need to study with past questions. Past questions are so important in exams that a popular academic website in Nigeria did write an article on the importance of past questions in passing exams in Nigeria. Make sure to check it out.

Why Should You USE Examstuts Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

I know you might be wondering why you should use our past questions. Yes you have every reason to wonder, because I can emphatically state that our site is one of the best when it comes to post UTME past questions in  Nigeria. Can you beat that? Our delivery is real time. You pay on the spot and get your past question on the spot via your email or whatsapp as well.

EBSU Post UTME Sample Questions and Answers 2020/2021


  1. Economic goods are termed scarce goods when they are
  2. not available insufficient quantities to satisfy all wants for then
  3. not produced in sufficient quantities to satisfy the effective demand of them
  4. of high quality
  5. of primary importance in satisfying the needs of a society


  1. If units of a variable factor are increasingly added to a fixed factor and the marginal            physical product keeps increasing, production     is said to be taking place under condition of


  1. increase in a returns to the variable factor
  2. increasing returns to scale
  3. constant returns to the variable factor
  4. external economies of scale


  1. The ordinary partner in a partnership
  2. takes no active part in management of the business
  3. has limited liability in case of business failure
  4. has unlimited liability in case of business failure
  5. cannot be sued personally on matters relating to the business


  1. A possible factor which limits the extent of growth of a firm is the
  2. existence of monopoly
  3. bureaucratic delays in decision making
  4. use of by-products
  5. unwillingness to share ownership and control


  1. A disadvantage of a joint stock company is
  2. unlimited liability
  3. limited liability
  4. continuity
  5. loss of controlling interest


  1. An effect of inflation is that it
  2. discourages trade by barter
  3. favours debtors at the expense of creditors C. increases the real income of salary earners D.  increases the value of a country’s export


  1. Budget deficit is the amount by which
  2. total expenditure exceeds revenue
  3. recurrent expenditure exceeds revenue
  4. capital expenditure exceeds revenue
  5. recurrent expenditure exceeds capital expenditure


  1. Under flexible exchange rates, a deficit could be corrected by
  2. freezing the gold point
  3. appreciation of other currencies
  4. removing export subsidies
  5. removing


  1. If W stands for wages/salaries, P for profit, R for interest and Z for rent on land and real estate, then national income is.
  2. W P R Z B. W + P + Z R
  3. P R Z+W D. W+P+R+Z


  1. A major obstacle to economic development is
  2. a rise in industrial output
  3. low farm productivity
  4. free trade
  5. ineffective trade union


  1. The stock exchange is a market for buying and selling of
  2. new shares B. existing shares
  3. treasury bills D. monetary investments


  1. Economic growth means
  2. the growth of goods and services
  3. the growth of opportunities to satisfy economic wants
  4. the growth of productive resources
  5. the growth of production


  1. Which of the following factors enhances the ability of commercial banks to create money?
  2. reduction in the reserve ratio
  3. leakage of cash out of the banking system C. excess reserves
  4. insistence of collateral security


  1. Capital provided by individuals to the firm by purchasing stocks is called
  2. debt capital B. fixed capital
  3. circulating capital D. equity capital


  1. Which of the following situations can give rise to economic problems?
  2. unlimited human wants
  3. wants of varying importance
  4. limited means available for satisfying wants D. means used in different ways



General literary principles

  1. Poetry is distinguished from prose fiction in that it
  2. uses puns and persona
  3. injects emotion and sentiment
  4. does not have a hero
  5. uses rhyme and meter


  1. A type of poem which may be sung and which embodies a tale is called
  2. sentimental poem B. sonorous poetry
  3. a contrast D. a parody


  1. Which one author produces a mocking invitation of another author’s work we call his product
  2. a conceit B. an aggression
  3. contrast D. a parody
  4. When a story is told at one level but has its true meaning at another level it is called
  5. a horror story B. a confusing story C. an epic D. an allegorical story


  1. When an unrelated incident is inserted in a work of literature it is called
  2. a dream sequence
  3. a flashback
  4. a digression

D. a masque on literary appreciation

How to Download EBSU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

The cost of the newly updated Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki Post UTME Past Questions and Answers is 2,000.00naira only for four subject’s combination.

For instance you are writing for UNILORIN Post UTME for Medicine & Surgery, you will be required to purchase at least four subjects which are;

  • Use of English
  • Biology
  • Chemistry

The course selection in the Post UTME exams depends on the subjects you wrote in JAMB.

See The Payment Detail Below.

To get EBSU Post-UTME Past Questions and Answers follow the steps below.

Pay into the account below.

Account Details

Account Number0318379097

After Payment , send the following

(1) Depositors name,

 (2) Teller number,

(3) Amount paid

 (3) Proposed course of study and

 (4) School to 07063986527 or ottyemmy@gmail.com

The purchased Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki Post-UTME Past question and Answers will be uploaded immediately into your email address within the next 24 hours.

If you have purchased yours, kindly drop a testimony in the comment box below.

CALL EXAMSTUTS: 07063986527

Send all your mails to ottyemmy@gmail.com

How to Pass EBSU Post UTME Exams 2020/2021 Session

These are the laws to pass this year Post-UTME exams beyond the average level.

  • Familiarize yourself with the Syllabus
  • Get past question
  • Know the departmental cut off mark for your course
  • Apply for Exams on time
  • Know your subject combination
  • Be hungry for success
  • Do not procrastinate
  • Read! Read! Read!
  • Have a schedule for studying
  • Put your past questions into use
  • Test and time yourself
  • Learn to use a memory technique
  • If you are a science student practice without a calculator

See How to Pass Post UTME Screening Exams 2020/2021

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