MAN@50 Essay Writing Competition 2021 | Win N1Million Cash Prize

MAN@50 Essay Writing Competition 2021 | Win N1Million Cash Prize.

MAN@50 Essay Writing Competition 2021…This article is about the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) which is currently accepting applications from qualified Nigerian undergraduates in Nigerian higher institutions. The application details can be found below. Keep reading.

MAN@50 Essay Writing Competition 2021
MAN@50 Essay Writing Competition 2021

MAN@50 Essay Writing Competition 2021

To celebrate its golden jubilee, the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), has been outlined a series of activities to mark the event. Primary among such activities is MAN Essay Writing Competition with the topic “Promoting Industrialization in Nigeria” scheduled to take place from May 15, 2021, to June 15, 2021.

Important Notice:

  • All the essays will be received and collated into a google drive and coded
  • The assessors would also be coded to ensure neutrality and confidentiality

Validation of Candidates Identity:

  • The competition is designed for current registered undergraduate students in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions of any course of
  • The Candidates submit evidence of identification such as, ID Cards/ Evidence of registration in current session/semester and an Attestation Letter from the HOD certifying the current status of the participating students
  • The candidates must have spent four semesters in their current tertiary

MAN@50 Essay Writing Competition 2021 Procedures for the Written Submissions

  • The Essay Competition consists of written submissions which are to be submitted through dedicated email addresses and delivered within the given
  • Only one entry per candidate maybe
  • The written submissions have to be sent and delivered latest by 30th June, 2021
  • All submission will be subjected to plagiarism test and only original essays with

notmorethan25%levelofsimilarityindexwill be considered for the competition.

  • Any serious violation of plagiarism at any stage of the competition will result in outright disqualification of the

Length of Essay:

  • The essay shall be no longer than 5000 words, footnotes
  • There is no down limit, although papers shorter than 2500 words are not encouraged

Format Requirement for MAN@50 Essay Writing Competition 2021.

  • Typed on a A4 size electronic page;
  • Font size and type should be 12 points, and Times New Roman;
  • 5 interlinear space; and
  • Margins of 54 cm on top, bottom and both sides

Cover of the written submissions

  • The title of the Essay should be at top center of the cover page of the written The Essay should include the name of the Candidate, Address, E-mail ID, Contact Number, Name of the Department/Faculty/University with address
  • The identity of the candidate must not appear on any other paper of the submission to ensure confidentiality
  • List of References and List of Abbreviations should also be submitted along with the written submissions. The List of References shall include all cited texts throughout the Written Submission
  • Candidates may use any recognized style of referencing system and this must be consistently used throughout the written

Other Important Notice for the MAN@50 Essay Writing Competition 2021


Copyright in all contributions accepted will belong to the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria

  • The candidates will be made to sign a copyright transfer agreement when submitting the essay

In Conclusion

  • Essays incompatible with the above rules and conditions will not be considered. Participation in the competition implies acceptance of the above terms and conditions.

Click here to apply.

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