Likely Questions to Expect in N-power Screening Test 2022 | N-Power Leaked Questions

Likely Questions to Expect in N-power Screening Test 2022 | N-Power Leaked Questions

Likely Questions to Expect in N-power Screening Test 2022…So in this article today, we are publishing the 10 Likely Questions to Expect in N-power Screening Test 2022-these These are the N-Power Leaked Questions for N-power Screening Test 2022.

Likely Questions to Expect in N-power Screening Test 2020
Likely Questions to Expect in N-power Screening Test 2022

There is no way that you study the pattern of this questions and answers that you will not scale through the N-power Screening Test 2022.

So I encourage you to go through this article meticulously. Keep reading to get the complete information.

To pass the N-power Batch C Screening Test, you should be able to answers questions correctly. So we are about to show you Likely Questions to Expect in N-power Screening Test 2022.

10 questions Npower 2022 Batch C prospective beneficiary should expect

Below are ten(10) you should expect from N-power;

1) What is the full meaning of COVID-19?
Answer: CoronavirusDiseas of 2019.

2) When did Nigeria record first case of COVID-19?
Answer: 27 February, 2022.

3) Where did COVID-19 start and when?
Answer: Wuhan, China in late 2019.

4) What is COVID-19?
It is a name given to a disease caused by the SARS-CoV2 Virus.

5) Who name “COVID-19” and when was it given the name?
Answer: World Health Organization on December 31, 2019.

6) Why was Coronavirus renamed to COVID-19?
Answer: To enable discussion on the disease prevention, spread, transmission, severity and treatment.

7) What is Coronavirus?
Answer: It is a common human and animal viruses.

8) What is a “novel” coronavirus?
Answer: It means that it is a new coronavirus that has not been previously identified in human. Meaning that it is different from the real coronavirus that cause common cold and those that cause SARS.l

9) What is the name of the drug that cures coronavirus?

10) What is the full meaning of NCDC?

Other Questions To Expect Are;

11) Which government agency is N-power under?

12) Why did the World Health Organization declare COVID-19 a pandemic?

13) Can the coronavirus spread through the 5G network?

There are many other questions that we are gathering and compiling, so please check back later for more information.

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