How Text Summarizer Can Help You Understand A Long Paragraph?

How Text Summarizer Can Help You Understand A Long Paragraph? Imagine, you are collaborating with your classmates on a project and the instructor asked to submit a progress report. But the instructor makes it compulsory for every student to make a separate report according to their findings.

How Text Summarizer Can Help You Understand A Long Paragraph?
How Text Summarizer Can Help You Understand A Long Paragraph?

After reading the reports from all your classmates, now the instructor wants you to compile all of them in a single report. He also set a certain word limit and format for the report.

What will you do then? The solution is to summarize the reports so that the teacher gets only the necessary information, in a form that can be processed swiftly.

What is Text Summarization?

Summarization is summing up a long argument or discussion in a brief way. Summarization helps you in saving time and increase productivity. You can sum up a whole research paper or project report on a single page by highlighting key points in bullets and short sentences.

Summaries are often used to address the CEOs of companies and professors in universities to increase effectiveness. Summarization also increases the credibility of the content. You can also say integrating the central idea of a context in a meaningful way is called summarization.

How a Summarizing Tool is Supportive in Understanding?

A text summarizer is helpful to understand the long passages and generate summary in an easier way which saves your time and effort both.

Below are a few benefits of using summarizers are mentioned.

  • Text summarizers make the text easily understandable.
  • It makes finding the relevant and most impartment information from the content easier.
  • Summarizer keep the user up to date by just showing the most relevant information.
  • Text summarizers increase the user’s engagement and retention.

How to Summarize Your Content Using a Summarizer?

Text summarization can be a lengthy and discursive task to perform. It is difficult to read and summarize long passages and dialogues manually. Getting help from a Summary generator can ease your burden very much. It can accurately summarize content for you within seconds.

We have tested many text summarizers and most of them work similarly. Hence, below are the few easiest steps mentioned to understand and summarize long paragraphs using summary generator.

Step 1

You can paste the paragraphs which you want to summarize directly in the input box. However, in most text summarizers you can also provide content by attaching a word, text, or pdf file.

Step 2

Some Text summarizers are very extensive; they enable you can select multiple languages before summarizing the content. they will automatically translate the summarized content to your selected language, hence you don’t need to use a translator separately.

Step 3

Few text summarizers provide you with options for formatting your summarized content. You can adjust these settings according to your requirements. These options can be:

Show bullets: It will summarize the content in bullet points.

Show sentence: It will show the summarized content in short sentences.

By words: You can select the maximum limit of words required after summarizing.

By percentage: You can also select the length of the summarized paragraph by setting a percentage.

Step 4

Hit the “Summarize” or “Submit” button after setting your requirements. The results will be shown shortly in the output box.

Step 5 (Optional)

You can export the summarized content in the form of a word document, or can even check for plagiarism and grammatical mistakes in the results.

How Does a Text Summarizer Work?

Text summarizers work on two machine-learning algorithms first is the Extractive summarization algorithm and second is the Abstractive summarization algorithm. Extractive summarization copies and rearrange the same passage to build a new brief paragraph. While the abstractive summarization rebuilds the whole paragraph by changing synonyms and using alternative sentences.

The Abstractive summarization algorithm is difficult; hence the extractive summarization algorithm is used widely.


Text summarizers are helping out people in every field. It is saving time for us by shortening the long documents. Moreover, it adds more clarity to the content. Hope you find this article useful. Try summarizing your content and do let us know about your experience in the comment section.

Thanks for your time!

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