Pounds to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate Today | British Pounds to Naira Rate.

Pounds to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate Today | British Pounds to Naira Rate.

Are you planning to use pounds or have you been using pounds here in Nigeria, maybe for trading or any other online business? This article will provide you with information on the Pounds to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate Today.

Pounds to Naira Black Market
Pounds to Naira Black Market

In this article, you will get information covering everything that you need to know concerning the Pounds to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate which includes;

Aboki Dollar To Naira Black Market Today,

Exchange Rate In Nigeria Today,

100 Pounds To Naira In Black Market,

Abokifx Pound To Naira,

Euro To Naira Black Market,

Pounds To Naira Exchange Rate Today,

Pounds To Naira Bank Rate Today,

Aside from the Naira which Is the official currency of Nigeria, Pounds and Dollars are also other currencies with which Nigerians trade a lot.

This is why is very important to know the rate of the Pound to Naira Exchange as of today 14/10/2022.

How much is Pound to Naira Black Market Rate Today?

First of all, if you are getting into the world of currency exchange for the first time, you have to know that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) pounds exchange rate is not the same as the black market or parallel Market exchange rate.

The Naira for over some time now under the APC and Buhari Administration has depreciated and devalued massively.

The British Pound to Naira Black Market Rate has significantly increased for some months now. Just like the dollar to Naira Exchange rate, the Pound has gained considerably over the naira, this makes it reasonable and important to update the pound to naira exchange rate because the rate keeps changing daily and you need to change your pound to Naira at the best rate for maximum profit.

As of today 14/10/2022, the Pound to Naira Black Market exchange rate stands at;

Black Market Rate GBP to Naira Today

Dollar to Naira (GBP to NGN) Black Market Exchange Rate Today
Selling Rate 840
Buying Rate 830


Pounds to Naira CBN Exchange Rate Today 2022

The CBN Pounds to Naira Exchange Rate is not the same as the Black or Parallel Market. The Black Market rate is far higher than the CBN rate and the CBN rate is not reliable because of its bogus financial policies.

It is imperative therefore that we advise you to always change your pounds or even dollars ta the black or parallel market.

The CBN Pound to Naira Exchange notwithstanding should still be made known. As of today, November 2022, the CBN Pound to Naira exchange rate stands at;

Pounds to Naira (GBP to NGN) CBN Official Exchange Rate Today
Selling Rate 486
Buying Rate 486

Other Platform British Pounds to Naira Exchange Rate Today

For the British Pound to Naira Exchange Rate as it stands on other platforms such as commercial banks like GTBANK, Access Banks, UBA, Zenith Bank, FCMB and online payment and money sending platforms like Moneygram etc, below is a little statistic to show you how the exchange rate stands.


Source Rate Change Date
CBN ₦ 491.35 1.99% 13/10/2022
FX Market ₦ 487.06 1.50% 13/10/2022
Black Market ₦ –
BDC ₦ –
Moneygram ₦ 510.06 -0.58% 02/12/2020
Western Union ₦ 496.26 -0.01% 02/12/2020


In this article, you have seen the Current and updated British Pound to Naira exchange rate. It is expected that you armed yourself with this current information when dealing with Bureau de Change dealers. Remember that a 2 naira difference for a 5000 Pound exchange is a big money and therefore a huge loss if the reduction is at your end.

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