Best Catering Schools in Nigeria 2023 | the Top 10

Best Catering Schools in Nigeria 2023 | the Top 10. Are you planning on becoming a caterer? To become a caterer, you will need to attend a catering school. Finding the best catering school to attend is Nigeria can be a very big task for you. Curating the best catering schools in Nigeria is one of the best things to do for the reader of this article.

Best Catering Schools in Nigeria 2023
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Catering is the business that deals with the provision of food and hospitality at an event, social gathering or hotel.  The demand for catering services is on the rise today as more people are getting engaged on various businesses.

There are many good catering schools in Nigeria, however, this article is just restricted to ten of the catering schools which we believe is top notch for our readers.

Best Catering Schools in Nigeria 2023

So now let us delve into the best Catering Schools in Nigeria 2023.

Celebrity Mobile Kitchen

The Celebrity Mobile Kitchen known as CMK is provides culinary services, programs, and facilities. The School is very dedicated and focused so that in four months you can learn and become a professional. CMK is both practical and theoretical, you will be taught dishes from across the globe including Italian, Chinese, and many others. Register here now.

Red Dish Chronicles

The Red Dish Chronicle is a great school which applies a pedantic approach to teaching students catering. Turning their students into a global catering art is their major concern hence the need to provide authentic information. The Red Dish Chronicles as there are known for offering a variety of topics ranging from African National Dishes, pastry and baking, and many other dishes that are required worldwide.

The Sense of Taste Specialty Caterers

This is another great school for caterers. The school specializes in teaching children how to cook Chinese egg rolls, dipping sauce, sweet and spicy varieties, sweet corn soup, and some other interesting dishes. Along these mentioned above, the school also teaches students other dishes to boost their catering skills.

Topearl Institute

This is a special school of catering just like the name suggests, here you will take different catering schools that will guarantee your acceptance into the class of professional caterers not just in Nigeria but anywhere in the world.

TopIraft Culinary Academy

At TopIraft Culinary Academy, You will be assured of being exposed to world-class culinary that will cement your place as a world-class chef.

Wavecrest College of Hospitality

If you are a beginner in the world of catering and hospitality business, then this college is definitely for you. Wavecrest will definitely equip you with courses that make you not just a national but intercontinental cuisine champion.

Chefs Academy

This is located in Abuja and is a well-known catering school. This school is known for producing top-notch kitchens and professional caterers.

Zealous Hit Training Institute

This school is known for offering a one-stop state-of-the-art culinary training, program, and services. Their main boast is in giving anybody professional training experience irrespective of their level of experience.

Styda Culinary Academy

This is also a top catering academy in Nigeria. At Styda, both your indoor and outdoor catering activities will be considered.

DOF Institute

DOF is a frontrunner when it reaches offering of amazing hospitality services. You are assured of increasing your knowledge in hospitality services once you enroll in this school.

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The catering business is a very nice and lucrative business. when it comes to making a choice on the best catering schools to choose in Nigeria, your decision has to be informed, hence the need to publish this article. We do hope that this article helped you on how to choose the best catering schools to study in Nigeria.

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