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WAEC French Questions and Answers 2023 | Theory and OBJ- Download PDF. If you are about to write the West African Senior Certificate Exams (WASSCE), you will realize that you need the WAEC Past Questions and Answers.

WAEC Technical Drawing Questions and Answers

This article provides you with WAEC French Questions and Answers for the WASSCE 2023. It contains information regarding the WAEC French Questions Theory and Objective Questions and Answers.

There will be three papers – Papers 1, 2 and 3, all of which should be taken. Papers 1 and 2 will
be a composite paper, to be taken at one sitting.

PAPER 1: Will consist of forty multiple-choice questions, to be answered within 1 hour for
40 marks.

PAPER 2: Will consist of two sections with three essay questions each. Candidates will be required to answer two questions in all, one question from each section. Both questions will be answered within 1 hour 15 minutes for 40 marks.

PAPER 3: Will test candidates’ listening comprehension, reading and conversation abilities. Each candidate will require 40 minutes for the test. The paper will carry 50 marks.

WAEC French Questions Objective Questions


Read carefully the passages below and answer the questions that follow.

A chef at the whites In the afternoon, the chef himself came to present the chickens, the goat, the egg basket and the papayas he heard offered to the whites. The latter invited him to have a glass of whiskey with them. Obviously, the chief was proud to be seated among the whites. Then guided by the chef, they headed for the palaver hut.

The evening had found the Whites tired by the journey and by the palaver of the day. So they
hadn’t touched the evening meal. Our master, the captain, lay across
his bed. I knelt down to remove my shoes. From the veranda came the
murmur of a dialogue between the engineer and Sophie.

I wished the commander good night. As I was leaving, the engineer, who was still drinking
his whiskey on the veranda, called me. It was already dark. I walked up to him, guided by the red tip
of his cigarette.

Source: Oyono Ferdinand, A Boy’s Life

1. What did the chef plan to do with the animals? He counted…………….
A. sell them to his customers.
B. eat them.
C. kill them.
D. give them to white people.

2. Did the white people invite the chief to ……… .. with them.
A. speaks
B. dines
C. drinks
D. sort


From the options lettered A to D, choose the one that best completes the sentence.

3. To tell the truth, I am not surprised ………………… his absence at the church.
A. to
B. from
C. for
D. to

From the options lettered A to D, choose the one that is nearest in meaning to the word or group of words underlined.

4. Alaba concludes its friendly letter by saying see you soon
A. writes
B. finishes
C. close
D. begins

From the options lettered A to D, choose the one that is opposite in meaning to the word or
group of words underlined.

5. the lady is very kind compared to her husband who is ………………
A. amiable
B. impossible
C. nasty
D. stingy

From the options lettered A to D, choose the most appropriate negative form of the given

6. Is Michel expecting his wife and children?

No, he ……………………
A. is not expecting his wife and children.
B. is not expecting his wife and children
C. is not expecting his wife and children.
D. is not expecting his wife or children.

From the options lettered A to D, choose the most appropriate one that transforms the given sentence into the passive voice.

7. The woman chases the children away. The children …………………
A. are chased away by the woman
B. have been chased by the woman
C. are chased away by the woman
D. were chased by the woman

From the options lettered A to D, choose the most appropriate one that transforms the given sentence into the indirect speech.

8. My comrades asked me: where are your parents
My comrades asked me …………….
A. where were your parents
B. where are your parents
C. where were my parents
D. where are my parents

WAEC French Questions Theory Questions

Answer two questions only, one from each section. Each composition should be about 100 words long.


1. Describe the market day in your town or village.


2. Write a letter to a friend telling them how you went on an interesting picnic at school.



Theft at home Today there are a lot of thefts in our country. What is serious is that most of these thefts are armed robbery. Moreover, those who commit these crimes are young people between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five. Even more serious is that these young people are generally made redundant.
You only need to read newspapers and magazines, watch TV or listen to the radio to
find out what is going on. Almost every day, banks, homes and gas stations
are attacked by these thieves who are armed with guns and hackers. Before, it was difficult
to catch thieves or even recognize them because they were almost always hooded. In
nowadays, they don’t even dress up. Rare are the occasions when the police manage to
apprehend them. Encouraged by the instruments of defense, they have easy access to all kinds
of good of their dreams: money, jewelry, clothes, cellphones, etc. The presence of the police and
even the imprisonment of their comrades does not discourage them. For these criminals, it is the
easiest way to get rich to live comfortably.

In fact, the problem of armed robbers has reached a semi-national level. The whole
country is threatened. How to solve this problem? In the opinion of one journalist, it is the responsibility of everyone, government, parents, the entire community and religious groups, to find a solution to this social problem.

1. There are more thieves today than ever before among us. Right wrong

2. According to the text, most of these thieves are
A. high
school students B. illiterate
C. academics
D. technicians

3. A main concern in the text relates to ……………………. citizens.
Insecurity, misfortune, etc.


At night, the thieves broke into the Davi’s house, oddly enough, they didn’t touch anything except w ame, a tender, barely months-old baby they kidnapped.

Despite the thieves’ strategies to deceive the police, they were arrested along the way. The
baby, who was constantly crying in the car, was picked up.

The thieves were taken to prison. As for the baby, he was returned to his parents. It was a terrible night. Everyone in the neighborhood was seized with fear. No one could come out or make any noise


Who is the author of a text that you have studied?
(a) Which character do
you admire the most in the text?
(b) Why?
Tell me about your day at school.
How do you spend the weekend

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