ABUTH School of Nursing Admission Form for 2022/2023 Session is Out

ABUTH School of Nursing Admission Form for 2022/2023 Session is Out.

Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH) Zaria School Of Nursing Form…This article has been created to provide you with information concerning the ABUTH School of Nursing Admission Form 2022/2023 session. This article contains information on the Admission requirements, ABUTH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers, ABUTH School of Nursing Examination Time Table, etc. All the information you find here will not just help you in applying for the ABUTH School of  Nursing Form, but also how to pass the ABUTH School of Nursing Screening Examination 2022.

ABUTH School of Nursing Admission Form

Programmes Available for  ABUTH School of Nursing Admission & Duration.

Clinical $ Non-Clinical Courses.

  • Surgery Administration
  • Medicine             
  • Finance & Accounts
  • Chemical Pathology       
  • Internal Audit
  • Paediatrics         
  • Works & Maintenance
  • Psychiatry          
  • Procurement
  • Medical Microbiology                             
  • Security
  • Maxillo Facial Surgery    Medical Social Services
  • Pathology           Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Traumatic & Orthopaedic            
  • Opthalmology                                                             
  • Radiology                                                 
  • Community Medicine    
  • Family Medicine              
  • Physiotherapy  
  • Obsterics & Gynaecology            
  • Haematology   
  • Radiotherapy & Oncology           
  • Health Information Management

ABUTH School of Nursing Admission Form Requirements 2022

What are the requirements needed before one can be eligible for ABUTH School of Nursing Admission? Here are the highlighted requirements for being eligible for admission this year.

This School offers a three (3) years Basic General Nursing training to suitable candidates of not less than 17½ years and not more than 26 years of age.

Those wishing to apply must have a minimum of Five credit including English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Biology at not more than two Sitting.

Entrance Examination and Interview

Candidates who satisfy the basic entry requirements shall be required to sit for an entrance examination and selection interview thereafter. Only candidates who pass the examination are short-listed to appear for the selection interview. The Selection process will include essay writing followed by oral interview. Candidates selected for admission shall be required to pass a medical examination of fitness.

Admission Procedure for ABUTH School of Nursing Admission Form

The course is advertised annually and applications are done Online at

Candidates who meet the school requirement would be called for entrance examination. Only successful candidates at the entrance exams would be invited for interview. Final admission depends on vacancies.

On registration after been admitted, the following are submitted:
a. Confidential Report from the Principal of candidate’s Secondary School.
b. Confidential report from Clergyman/Imam or a Senior Civil servant or a lawyer.
c. Consent to undergo nurse Training from Parent/Guardian/Husband.
d. Acceptance letter to comply with School rules and regulation from the Candidate.

List Of Material Students Are To Bring To The School As Applicable

UNIFORM: Each student shall be responsible for his/her Uniform. On arrival, a sample of the white material and pattern will be shown to you for guidance. Each Female student is required to wear black underwear and black braziers while in uniform and is advice to buy not less than two of each of this material for use.

Please note that:
Pregnancy/Abortion: All unmarried students who become pregnant or commit an abortion at any stage of training will be dismissed from the School. Only change of surnames for females. No change of names for males. No change of name is allowed after indexing.

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