The Top 10 Best and Cheapest Schools in Canada 2023

10 Cheapest Schools in Canada 2023: Finding the best schools which are also the cheapest in Canada is no mean task. Studying abroad is a dream for many students, and Canada has emerged as a preferred destination due to its excellent education system and multicultural environment. However, concerns about the cost of education often deter prospective international students. In this blog post, we present the ten cheapest schools in Canada for the year 2023, offering high-quality education without breaking the bank.

The Top 10 Best and Cheapest Schools in Canada 2023

Why Study in Canada?

Canada, often referred to as the Great White North, is a country renowned for its stunning natural landscapes, multicultural cities, and welcoming environment. However, beyond its picturesque beauty, Canada has emerged as a top destination for international students seeking quality education and diverse experiences. Here are some compelling reasons why studying in Canada is a smart choice.

World-Class Education

Canada is home to several prestigious universities and colleges known for their high academic standards and cutting-edge research. Institutions like the University of Toronto, McGill University, and the University of British Columbia consistently rank among the top universities globally. A Canadian degree is recognized and respected worldwide, opening doors to exciting career opportunities.

 Multicultural Environment

Canada prides itself on being one of the most multicultural countries in the world, welcoming people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. As an international student, you’ll find a vibrant and inclusive community that embraces diversity and fosters a sense of belonging. This multicultural exposure enriches your experience, broadens your horizons, and helps you develop a global perspective.

Safe and Peaceful

Safety is a primary concern for any international student. Canada is known for its low crime rates, stable political environment, and peaceful society. Whether you’re studying in a bustling city or a serene small town, you can enjoy a sense of security and comfort throughout your stay.

Affordable Education

Compared to other popular study destinations like the United States and the United Kingdom, studying in Canada is relatively more affordable. Tuition fees and living expenses are generally lower, making education accessible to a broader range of students. Additionally, there are various scholarships and funding opportunities available for international students.

Work Opportunities

Canada offers excellent work opportunities for international students, both during their studies and after graduation. On a study permit, you can work part-time on campus or off campus while pursuing your degree. After completing your studies, you may be eligible for a post-graduation work permit, allowing you to gain valuable work experience in Canada.

Quality of Life

Canada consistently ranks high in global quality of life indices. Its healthcare system is considered one of the best in the world, and the country boasts a high standard of living. From vibrant arts and cultural scenes to outdoor recreational activities, Canada offers a well-balanced lifestyle that promotes personal growth and well-being.

Immigration Pathways

Canada provides various immigration pathways for international students who wish to settle permanently. The Canadian government values international students and their contributions to the country’s economy and society. Graduates with Canadian work experience are often eligible to apply for permanent residency, making it an attractive option for those seeking long-term opportunities.

10 Cheapest Schools in Canada 2023

These institutions have a proven track record of providing affordable programs and supporting students from all walks of life. Below is a list of the best and cheapest schools to study in Canada for both foreigners and indigenes.

1. Memorial University of Newfoundland

Located in the picturesque province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Memorial University has consistently been one of the most affordable universities in Canada. With a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, this institution offers international students competitive tuition fees and a welcoming campus community.

Memorial University of Newfoundland is a reputable institution located in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. The university offers a diverse range of programs and places a strong emphasis on research and community engagement. With a beautiful campus overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, students get the opportunity to enjoy a picturesque environment while pursuing their studies. The faculty at Memorial University is known for their dedication to teaching and research, providing students with a high-quality education. Moreover, the university’s commitment to student support services helps create a supportive learning environment. Overall, Memorial University of Newfoundland is a great choice for those seeking a well-rounded educational experience in a vibrant and scenic setting.

2. University of Prince Edward Island

As the smallest province in Canada, Prince Edward Island offers an intimate and friendly environment for international students. The University of Prince Edward Island provides affordable tuition rates and numerous scholarships, making it an attractive choice for those seeking quality education without an overwhelming financial burden.

The University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) is a small yet dynamic institution located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. UPEI offers a close-knit community where students can receive personalized attention from professors. The campus is known for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere, providing an excellent environment for learning and personal growth. The university offers a variety of programs across different fields and strives to integrate practical experiences into the curriculum. Additionally, UPEI’s commitment to research and community involvement contributes to its positive impact on the local community. Overall, UPEI is a great choice for students looking for a supportive and inclusive university experience.

3. Université de Saint-Boniface

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the Université de Saint-Boniface is the only French-language university in the province. This institution prides itself on offering affordable tuition for Canadian and international students, fostering a supportive French-speaking community, and providing a wide range of programs.

The Université de Saint-Boniface is a francophone university located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As the only French-language university in the province, USB offers a unique educational experience for French-speaking students. The university provides a range of programs in various disciplines, with an emphasis on promoting the French language and Francophone culture. The campus has a close-knit community feel, fostering a supportive learning environment. The faculty is committed to engaging students in their studies and helping them succeed. For those seeking a French-language education and a culturally enriching experience, the Université de Saint-Boniface is an excellent choice.

4. Brandon University

Located in the heart of the Canadian Prairies, Brandon University in Manitoba offers competitive tuition fees and a strong commitment to academic excellence. The university’s beautiful campus and small class sizes create an ideal learning environment for international students.

Brandon University, situated in Brandon, Manitoba, is a smaller university known for its personalized approach to education. The university offers a diverse range of programs and maintains a strong focus on undergraduate teaching. With smaller class sizes, students have the opportunity to build close relationships with their professors, enhancing their learning experience. Brandon University also has a vibrant campus community and offers various extracurricular activities to enrich students’ university lives. While the university may not be as large as some other institutions, it compensates with its supportive and engaging atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for students seeking a more intimate educational experience.

5. Simon Fraser University

While based in British Columbia, Simon Fraser University has managed to keep its tuition fees reasonable for international students. Known for its vibrant campus life and academic programs, SFU is a great option for those seeking an affordable education in a diverse and thriving community.

Located in Burnaby, British Columbia, Simon Fraser University (SFU) is a prestigious institution known for its strong academic programs and research opportunities. SFU’s unique mountaintop campus provides stunning views and a serene environment for learning. The university is home to distinguished faculty members who are actively involved in research and are committed to providing students with a rigorous education. SFU’s co-op programs and industry partnerships offer valuable real-world experiences to students, making them more job-ready upon graduation. The university also fosters a diverse and inclusive community, offering a wide range of extracurricular activities to suit students’ interests. SFU is an excellent choice for those seeking a challenging and intellectually stimulating university experience.

6. University of Winnipeg

Situated in the cultural hub of Winnipeg, Manitoba, the University of Winnipeg is renowned for its inclusivity and support for international students. It offers a range of affordable undergraduate and graduate programs, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a quality education at an accessible cost.

The University of Winnipeg is a thriving institution located in the heart of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The university boasts a vibrant and inclusive campus community, promoting diversity and social justice. It offers a wide range of programs across various disciplines, ensuring that students have ample options to pursue their academic interests. The faculty at the University of Winnipeg is committed to providing students with individual attention, and the small class sizes contribute to a more personalized learning experience. Moreover, the university’s downtown location allows students to immerse themselves in a bustling urban environment with numerous cultural and recreational opportunities. For those seeking a diverse and socially conscious university experience, the University of Winnipeg is an excellent choice.

7. Athabasca University

As Canada’s premier online university, Athabasca University provides an excellent opportunity for international students looking to pursue higher education remotely. Offering flexibility and affordability, AU stands out as a cost-effective option for those seeking distance learning.

Athabasca University is a renowned distance education institution based in Alberta, Canada. As one of the pioneers in online learning, AU offers flexible study options for students who prefer to learn from the comfort of their own homes. The university provides a wide array of programs and courses, catering to diverse academic interests. The online platform is user-friendly and allows students to access resources and interact with instructors easily. Despite the lack of a traditional campus, Athabasca University ensures that students receive dedicated support and guidance throughout their studies. This university is a perfect fit for individuals seeking a flexible and accessible learning experience, especially for those with work or family commitments.

8.  University of Guelph

Located in the province of Ontario, the University of Guelph is recognized for its strong academic programs and research opportunities. Despite its reputation, it has managed to maintain competitive tuition fees, making it an appealing choice for international students on a budget.

The University of Guelph, situated in Guelph, Ontario, is known for its strong emphasis on agriculture, veterinary science, and environmental studies. However, it also offers a wide range of programs across various disciplines. The university’s picturesque campus, complete with stunning green spaces and modern facilities, creates an inviting learning environment. The faculty at the University of Guelph is highly regarded for their expertise and commitment to teaching. The university’s focus on research and practical experiences enriches students’ educational journeys. Moreover, the campus community is lively, offering numerous clubs, organizations, and events to engage students in extracurricular activities. For those interested in agriculture, environmental studies, or a comprehensive education in various fields, the University of Guelph is an excellent choice.

9. University of Saskatchewan

With a diverse student body and a wide array of programs, the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon remains committed to offering affordable education for all. It provides numerous scholarships and financial aid options, making it an accessible choice for international students seeking an exceptional learning experience.

The University of Saskatchewan, located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, is a leading research-intensive institution. It offers a diverse range of programs and boasts state-of-the-art research facilities. The university’s faculty is comprised of accomplished researchers and dedicated educators who provide students with a top-notch education. The campus environment is friendly and welcoming, providing students with ample opportunities for personal growth and extracurricular involvement. Additionally, the university’s strong focus on research and innovation ensures that students are exposed to cutting-edge developments in their fields of study. The University of Saskatchewan is an excellent choice for those seeking a challenging academic experience with a strong emphasis on research and innovation.

10. University of Regina

The University of Regina, located in the heart of Saskatchewan, is another excellent institution for international students seeking an affordable education in Canada. Its low tuition fees and various support services contribute to creating a welcoming environment for students from all over the world.

The University of Regina, located in Regina, Saskatchewan, is a dynamic institution offering a wide array of programs and research opportunities. The university places a strong emphasis on community engagement and offers various partnerships with local organizations and businesses. This provides students with valuable practical experience and networking opportunities. The campus is modern and inviting, with plenty of space for studying and socializing. The faculty at the University of Regina is dedicated to teaching and research, ensuring that students receive a high-quality education. The university’s commitment to diversity and inclusion fosters a welcoming and supportive community. For students seeking a well-rounded educational experience with a focus on community involvement, the University of Regina is an excellent choice.


Studying in Canada can be a transformative experience, offering top-notch education and exposure to a multicultural society. Despite the concerns surrounding the cost of international education, these ten institutions have shown a commitment to providing affordable options for students from around the globe. By selecting any of these schools, aspiring international students can embark on their academic journey with confidence, knowing they have chosen institutions that prioritize quality education without an exorbitant price tag. So, whether you aspire to pursue a degree in the arts, sciences, or any other field, rest assured that these ten affordable schools in Canada will offer you a remarkable educational experience without breaking the bank.


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