MOUAU Cut Off Mark for all Courses and Departments | Admission for 2023/2024 Session

MOUAU Cut Off Mark for all Courses and Departments | Admission for 2023/2024 Session. MOUAU Cut Off Mark…This article by Pastquestionpdf will inform you on the exact MOUAU Cut Off Mark for all Courses and Departments. The information about the cut off mark is needed for successful candidates who pass their JAMB UTME Exams and met the stipulated JAMB Cut off Mark set by the board for Universities, Polytechnics and colleges of education.


Every year the Michael Okpara Uni. of Agric., Umudike (MOUAU) sets cut off marks for all the courses and departments in the institution for admission purposes. If you score slightly above the cut off mark, you will be considered for admission by MOUAU.

What is Cut Off Mark?

Cut off mark is a score agreed upon by an Institution as a basis for admitting students into in department in for study. This score is given to candidates based on their performance in a given examination.

Students moreover need to score above the given cut off mark if they are to stand any chance of gaining admission into the school. Most times, the competition is stiff and candidates with the highest scores are taken based on the number of students the department can accommodate.

MOUAU Cut Off Mark

The minimum cut off marks suggested by JAMB for admissions into public universities, private universities, public polytechnic, private polytechnics and colleges of education are 160, 140, 120, 110 and 100 respectively.

However, MOUAU General cut off mark is 180. Candidates are expected to score not less than 180 in other to make the Michael Okpara Uni. of Agric., Umudike their school of choice.

MOUAU Departmental Cut off Mark for all Courses 2023/2024 Session

The management of the Michael Okpara Uni. of Agric., Umudike (MOUAU), has released the 2023/2024 cut off marks for all departments and courses. Listed below are the cut off marks for various departments and courses breakdown in a comprehensive detail. Go through the list and take note of the course of your choice.

  • Zoology and Environmental Biology – 57
  • Veterinary Surgery – 70
  • Veterinary Pharmacology and endocrinology – 60
  • Veterinary pathology – 57
  • Veterinary Anatomy – 65
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  • Veternary Medicine – 70
  • Veterinary Public health and preventive medicine – 60
  • Soil Science and Metrology – 50
  • Statistics – 55
  • Rural Sociology and Extension – 50
  • International Relations – 55
  • Plant health Management – 45
  • Physics Education – 45
  • Physics – 45
  • Plant Science and Biotechnology – 50
  • Metrology – 50
  • Entreprenueral Studies – 50
  • Marketing – 50
  • Mathematics Education – 45
  • Mechanical Engineering – 52
  • Mathematics – 45
  • Microbiology – 55
  • Library and Information Science – 50
  • Integrated Science Education – 45
  • Industrial technology Education – 45
  • Human Nutrition and Dietectics – 52
  • Hotel Management and Tourism – 52
  • Home Economics – 45
  • Human Resources Management – 50
  • Home Economics Education – 45
  • Guidance and Counselling – 55
  • Food Science and Technology – 50
  • Forestry and Environmental management – 50
  • Fisheries and Aquatic Management – 50
  • Economics – 50
  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering – 52
  • Environmental Management and Toxicology – 50
  • Education Foundations – 45
  • Economics Education – 45
  • Educational Administration and Planning – 50
  • Computer Science Education – 45
  • Chemistry Education – 50
  • Civil Engineering – 52
  • Chemical Engineering – 52
  • Computer Science – 55
  • Chemistry – 45
  • Banking and Finance – 50
  • Biological Education – 45
  • Biochemistry – 55
  • Business Administration – 52
  • Business Education – 45
  • Archaelogy and Tourism – 50
  • Animal production – 45
  • Animal Breeding and Physiology – 50
  • Agricutural And Bio Resource Engineering – 52
  • Agricultural Education – 45
  • Agronomy – 50
  • Agricultural Economics – 50
  • Agricultural Business and Management – 50
  • Accounting – 50
  • Adult and Continuing Education – 50
  • Accounting Education – 45

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Bringing our discussion on MOUAU Cut off mark to a conclusive end, students should know that it is very vital and important that they take note of their school of choice cut off mark. This article on the Michael Okpara Uni. of Agric., Umudike Cut off Mark was penned down to exactly serve the purpose of helping you know your post UTME cut off mark.

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