JAMB Result 2023 is Out: How To Check JAMB UTME CBT Results

JAMB Result 2023 is Out: How To Check JAMB UTME CBT Results. JAMB UTME Result 2023 is out… Here, Our Site will guide you on how to check the result with or without a scratch card! See Result CHecker for the UTME CBT Results 2023 below.

JAMB Result

This article will cover;

Here you will get a lot of information about JAMB UTME CBT Results. You will also get to know whether it is possible to upgrade your Result. Continue reading to get more information.

The 2023 Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) results are out.

According to the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), results will take days after the exam before they will be available online. The delay is said to enable the board to review the activities of the candidates and to minimize the number of cancellations of results.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions. The board conducts the entrance Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination for prospective undergraduates into Nigerian universities. The board is also charged with the responsibility to administer similar examinations for applicants to Nigerian public and private monotechnics, polytechnics, and colleges of educations. All of these candidates must have obtained the West Africa School Certificate, now West African Examinations Council, WAEC, or its equivalent, National Examination Council (Nigeria), NECO.

Is Jamb Result 2023 Out Online?

Is Jamb Result 2023 Out? Here you will get to know whether the UTME Result for 2023 is out. The CBT Results in 2023 is out and candidates who participated in the UTME examination this year are advised to follow the instructions here on how to check UTME Results.

For those who are still disbelieving the news that the UTME Results have been released, please be informed that Pastquestionpdf.com.ng is a reliable source of school news, JAMB UTME Updates, WAEC, NECO, etc. Get the latest news on the JAMB Result checking portal 2023 on this page?

So what does this mean to you? The news that UTME Results out means that your result is ready and you are halfway between getting admitted and missing out. So what is your JAMB score? Check your JAMB UTME Scores here and see whether it is possible to upgrade your Result. Can you upgrade your JAMB Scores 2023? See the answer here.

Jamb Result Checker 2023

What is JAMB Result Checker and do you really need it? The Result Checker is the card containing the JAMB e-pin which shall use the access the UTME result. The Result Checker is essential for all UTME candidates who want to access their UTME Result 2023 and status.

To get the Result Checker for the JAMB UTME 2023, please ensure that you follow our guide here. This guide has been carefully penned down to provide you the most detailed information that you need. So continue reading to get the complete details regarding the Result Checker for JAMB.

Www Jamb Result Portal Org Ng 

Do you know the UTME Result Checking Portal 2023? Here is it, the correct portal is at Www Jamb Result Portal Org Ng. It is essential that candidates take note of this portal because, in times like this, fraudsters do arise in their different numbers to scam the ever overzealous JAMBites who are so desperate to gain admission into the Nigerian Universities and other higher institutions.

The JAMB Portal for result checking this year has not changed, it still remains the same as the previous ones. So if you already wrote JAMB and you know the portal, head over to the website if you had bookmarked it on your device and open the portal for ease of assessment.

Jamb Result Checking Page is also the same thing as the JAMB Result Checking Portal which we earlier confirmed as Www Jamb Result Portal Org Ng. So not much will be said about this. Please check your result on the JAMB Result Page, head over to the said portal mentioned above, and input the necessary details to confirm your scores.

How to Check JAMB Result Via SMS.

All candidates can now send RESULT, via SMS, to 55019 using the same number that was used for registration (you must have a credit balance of at least N50 on your line). The result would be replied to as an SMS shortly after.

When you do this, expect the following result.

  1. If a candidate uses a phone number that was not used to register, a message will be sent to him thus: ‘This phone number was not used for registration.”
  2. A candidate with a result will receive the message: “Dear Mr/Miss X, your result is as follows… (and the details will be provided).
  3. If a result is withheld, a “Result Withheld” message will be sent to the candidate.
  4. If a candidate belongs to the category being given the benefit of the doubt, the message to the person will be: “Result withheld pending the upload of clarifications/document required from you.”
  5. If a candidate was absent, s/he would get “CANDIDATE ABSENT” as feedback
  6. A candidate that was ABSENT WITH REGISTRATION NUMBER also CANCELLED will be so informed.
  7. “Invalid Entrance into the Exam Hall” will be sent to a candidate who gained unauthorized access to the examination hall.

Check UTME Result Online With Registration Number.

Are you checking your Jamb Result with Only Registration Number? Then here contains a short guide on how to do it. Please refer to our subtitle on How to Check Your JAMB Result. You will find the correct details on this. Follow the guide and steps very well. Make sure not to omit any of the steps to avoid unnecessary errors.

Follow the instruction below.

  • Go to the JAMB result checking portal at http://www.jamb.org.ng/eFacility/CheckUTMEResults.
  • Enter your JAMB Registration Number/Email Address in the required column.
  • Click on ‘Check My Results’.
  • The portal will load your result if it’s ready.

JAMB Result

Quick Links on JAMB Update:

Original Jamb Result

Is there a fake JAMB result? Of course, there is. Such results are mostly provided by people who claim to upgrade JAMB scores. Of course, there is nothing like the JAMB result upgrade, it is just a pure scam, so run from it. Once you have gotten your JAMB result, it cannot be changed. Your score is your score.

The Original Result can only be gotten from the JAMB Portal, so make sure you take note of the JAMB Portal for Result Checking which has been mentioned above as Www Jamb Result Portal Org Ng. Once you have landed on this portal, you can access your CBT result and print your UTME result as well.

How to Print Your JAMB Result.

JAMB Result Printing is easy to followed step if you will take our advice and instructions seriously. You can access our article in detail on how to print the Results. It is essential that you print your Result because you will need it during your Post UTME Screening.

Your UTME Result slip will be needed alongside your SSCE original result as well, so follow the guide here and print your result. Then keep the slip safe to avoid issues when you finally go for admission screening in any school of your choice.

Jamb Result Notification

How would you love to be notified about your Result? Of course, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) does notify candidates of their results via SMS. This is only for candidates who want to check their Results via the Short Message Send (SMS). Please make sure that you do refer to our heading on how to check your Result via SMS to see the full guide and details on the steps to check your JAMB Result via SMS.

Jamb Result Update and News

For those that have not seen or have not been able to check their result, there will be constant updates on this regard. The latest Result updates shall be sent to your email to help you stay informed and constantly updated. Please make sure to subscribe to our channels on social media as well as our email list and don’t forget to bookmark this particular page to get the most updated information regarding the release of the 2023 CBT Result. So get the latest JAMB news on the results here.

2023 JAMB CBT Results Released.

For the sake of clarity and the avoidance of confusion, please note that the CBT Results 2023 and the UTME Results in 2023 are the same thing. So if we say that  CBT Results 2023 is out, we are basically and essentially saying that the 2023 UTME Results has been released. So at this point, we hope that this confusion has been cleared. And it was necessary to raise this topic up because a candidate had made a query regarding this. So we deem it important to include it in our article.

Can I check my UTME Result Score with NIN?

For now, it is not yet certain whether candidates can check their JAMB Result scores with the National Identification Number (NIN), but it is known that candidates can check their JAMB scores with phone Numbers. The result will be sent via SMS. For More information on how to check UTME Result with Phone Number via SMS, check the heading on Result Notification and how to check Result via SMS.

Jamb Result Validity- How Long Does Jamb Result Last?

How Long Does Jamb Result Last? Well to cut your curiosity short, the Result does not last beyond a session. All JAMB Result expires once the academic session which it was written is over. And mind you, the UTME Result cannot be used to get a job anywhere.

I have not seen my JAMB Result – Solution

So After checking your result by following our step by step guide, you can’t still find your result? Don’t worry, here is the solution to your problem.

JAMB 2023 Result Checking Problems and Solutions -Most candidates have been sending mails complaing they have not seen their results. Here’s the solution to candidates with the “I have not seen my jamb result” and “I can’t see my jamb result”.

Those who registered and sat for the JAMB examination are requireded to send RESULT via SMS to 55019 using the same phone number they used during their JAMB registration.

Once you have done that, your be replied as SMS in a shortwhile. Please note that the SMS is not free. You will be charged.

Here are Reasons why you have not seen your Result.

  • Further Screening
  • Technical Reason
  • Exam Malpractiice
  • Impersonation
  • Lack of Credit in Your Phone
  • Wrong Details

Finally, How to Upgrade Your JAMB Result the Right Way.

Yes you read that right, I did say earlier on that you cannot upgrade your Result and that’s true. But wait! There is actually a way to upgrade the result without falling into the hands of scammers. Here is it: Register for JAMB 2023, attend JAMB classes, Buy JAMB Past Questions and score above 300. That is the only way to upgrade your JAMB Result.

Bonus Tip: What to do After Checking Result

So what next after checking the result? Many students tend to prioritize the wrong things immediately after checking their result. One of the things students try to do which they should not do is trying to upgrade their Result which is not possible.

After accessing some JAMbBites, we decided to come up with this article in order to provide reasonable help to candidates, both the high-flyers and the struggling one. From the one who scored 300+ to the one struggling with 150 JAMB Scores, believe me, this article will be of immense, so keep reading and get the important information that you need.

Watch the video below to see how to check your JAMB results online.


This is the most comprehensive guide you can find on the internet regarding how to check your CBT UTME Results online. So if you have read this to the end, congratulation and good luck in all your endeavors!

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