Trinity University Cut-Off Mark and Departmental Cut-Off Points for all Courses 2022/2023 Session is out.

Trinity University Cut-Off Mark and Departmental Cut-Off Points for all Courses 20222/2023 Session is out.

Trinity University Cut-Off Mark and Departmental Cut-Off Points | Regarding the 2021 admission screening, the management of the Trinity University Ogun State have released the official cut-off marks and points for all courses and departments for the 20222/2023 session.

Trinity University Cut-Off Mark

The Cut-Off Marks were released after the JAMB Policy Meeting for admissions into Nigerian Tertiary Institutions 20222/2023 Sessions. At the policy meeting, the Nigerian Universities admission pattern for the 20222/2023 academic session was determined and set.

In this article, you will see the general Cut-Off Mark for Trinity University and the departmental cut off mark for various courses and departments. This is the first thing that determines your eligibility for the Trinity University Post UTME Screening 2021. Every other requirements is built under this. For example, you might meet the general cut off mark for the Trinity University Ogun State, and fail to meet the required cut off mark for a particular course, in that case, you will need to supplement or change course in order to get admission.

By now, you should know what cut off mark stands for, but for the sake of emphasis, we will still touch briefly on the topic. So what exactly is Cut-off mark or points?

What is Cut-off marks or Points?

A cut-off mark or point is a stipulated score set aside by an organization, usually and academic institution or a company in which candidates or applicants must meet after a set exam in order to be considered for interview.

Cut-off Marks are necessary in order to recruit and admit quality and qualified candidates. It is also necessary when the number of applicants is more than the available space for admission or employment.

Trinity University JAMB Cut-Off Mark, What is it?

Just like every other higher institution in Nigeria, the Trinity University Ogun State, has released the general cut-off mark for the school as well as the departmental cut off mark for various courses.

So what is the general cut-off mark for the Trinity University Ogun State? Trinity University general JAMB cut of mark is 160, which is typical for all universities, but this does not mean that if you score 160, you will gain admission into the school. In fact, 160 might not even grant you admission into the school that is why you have to read on to see the Trinity University Cut-Off Marks for all departments and courses.

 Trinity University Departmental Cut-off Mark for all Courses 2021.

First of all, to be even eligible to apply for the Trinity University Ogun State admission/Post UTME Screening 2021 candidate must score or have a minimum of 160 cut off mark. If you fill scoring 160 cut-off mark in JAMB is a huge task, you need to see the 21 indispensable ways to pass any exams in 2021. Below is a breakdown of the departmental cut-off mark for all courses in the Trinity University Ogun State.

Did you meet the cut off mark for your school? Then read this article on how to pass post UTME exams with ease.

While preparing for the post UTME screening, make sure you download the Trinity University Post UTME Past Questions and Answers pack here.


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