What to do after JAMB Result is out: What Next After JAMB Result?

What to do after JAMB Result is out: What Next After JAMB Result. So After JAMB Result 2023 is out, what next? Some candidates are very naive, and as a result would allow themselves to be scammed after checking their JAMB Results. Please note that there are some certain important things to be done after checking your JAMB Result.

What to do after JAMB Result is out

SO this article will eventually list some key and important things that every candidate need to do after checking and confirming JAMB Result.

Many students tends to prioritize the wrong things immediately after checking their JAMB result. One of the things students try to do which they should not do is trying to upgrade their JAMB Result which is not possible.

After accessing some JAMb Bites, we decided to come up with this article in order to provide reasonable help to candidates, both the high-flyers and the struggling one. From the one who scored 300+ to the one struggling with 150 JAMB Scores, believe me, this article will be of immense, so keep reading and get the important information that you need.

Know Your Admission Cut Off Mark

Do you know the cut off Mark of your school of choice for each department and courses? If you do not yet know, check out the complete JAMB Cut off marks for all schools here.

It is essentially to know your JAMB cut off mark if you really want get admission. Knowing the cut off mark will enable you to take the next decision. You can now decide whether to change course or institution on time.

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Supplement or do a change of course or Institution

After checking your JAMB Result, you will now decide whether you should supplement or change your course. If you did not meet the require JAMB cut off mark, then it is advisable that you change or supplement course or institution.

Get Your School Admission or Post UTME Screening Form

Candidates who have meet the required cut off mark should at this point proceed to get the school admission cut admission screening form and fill the form correctly. Should candidate not know what to do, the candidate is advised to meet and old student or staff of the school.

Participate in Your School of Choice Admission Screening or Exam.

After getting your form, get informed on the date of the Post UTME Screening and make sure you have all the required documents that you need to succeed in the screening. If you are writing aptitude the, make sure to download Post UTME Past Questions and Answers and in the case of Nursing Schools, get Nursing School Past Questions. This will ensure that you come out of the screening in flying colors.

Wait and Anticipate the Admission List

Finally, wait and anticipate your admission list if you had the complete and required cut off mark, and you also had meet up all the requirements for the post UTME screening. Then definitely there is no way that you will not make it to the admission list.

Do Your School Clearance and Pay Acceptance Fee

Once the admission list is out, you will need to do clearance on resumption date. Make sure to get screened and cleared then proceed to pay your acceptance fee. After pa clearance and payment of acceptance fee, you will be prime to do the next and most important thing.

Conclusion: Pay School Fee and Begin Attending Lectures

Finally get your school fees paid and begin attending lectures. This is the beginning of a journey that you either end well or in tears depending on how you conduct yourself in school. Do you want to graduate with first class in any Nigerian University? Read this article.

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