AUN School Fees 2022/2023 Session: Schedule and How to Pay

AUN School Fees 2022/2023 Session: Schedule and How to Pay- American University of Nigeria (AUN) School Fees 2022/2023 for new and returning students.

One of the first things you are expected to do after course registration and the rest of those things needed for freshers and returning students in American University of Nigeria is payment of school fees.

AUN School Fees 2022/2023 Session

This article will walk you through the amount payable by new and returning students from first year to final year as well as the school fees schedule, breakdown and how to pay the school fees.

It is expected that after going through this article, the reader should be able to make payment of the school fees all by his or herself without any external guide.

In addition to the AUN School fees information here, you will also get information such as AUN School fees payment deadline, AUN school fees portal, AUN school fees for freshers, AUN school fees per semester and even AUN courses, department and registration procedure. So keep reading to stay informed.

AUN School Fees Schedule for Undergraduates [New and Returning Students] 2022/2023.

Definitely, new students can’t pay the same with old or returning students. This contains information on AUN School fees schedule for new and returning undergraduates in a well-organized manner. It contains the amount payable for each semester by the various departments available in the school.

Find the breakdown of all our fees in Naira (NGN) listed below.


Fall 2021   Spring 2022     Total (N)

Tuition(15 credits @ N61,667/Credit)

925,000        925,000        1,850,000

Tuition for Engineering Students only (15-19 credits @ 70,000/Credit)

1,330,000        1,330,000        2,660,000


Fall 2021   Spring 2022     Total (N)

Double Room W/Facilities

325,000        325,000        650,000

Double Room W/O Facilities

228,000        228,000        456,000

Triple Room W Facilities

250,000        250,000        500,000

Triple Room W/O Facilities

180,000        180,000        360,000


Fall 2021   Spring 2022     Total (N

21 Meals

339,150        339,150        678,300

14 Meals

248,710        248,710        497,420

7 Meals

136,850        136,850        273,700

Average Meal Plan

241,570        241,570        483,140


Fall 2021   Spring 2022     Total (N)


35,000          35,000           70,000


25,000          25,000           50,000

Student Activity

30,000          30,000           60,000


15,000          15,000           30,000


45,000          45,000           90,000

Engineering Lab Fee (For Engineering Students only)

50,000          50,000           100,000

Graduation Fee (only Graduands)

20,000           20,000


  • GUARANTY TRUST BANK PLC is the only bank that is authorized to collect tuition and fees on behalf of the University.
  • Additional credits above the 15 or 19 credit course load per semester will be charged at the rate of ₦61,667 for programs other than Engineering (N70,000 will be charged for Engineering Programs).
  • Each column represents fees payable per semester.
  • To calculate your total cost for a semester, select your preferred options for housing (most rooms are 4 in 1 but depending on enrollment numbers, AUN may also have 3 in 1 rooms available, please indicate your first preference and second preference for housing and we will try out best to accommodate your request; ‘with facilities’ means each room has a full en suite bathroom. Please also choose the meal plan (‘feeding’ – each student living in our halls is required to be part of the meal plan, at a minimum of 7 meals per week) and indicate the applicable costs for both housing and the meal plan in the table.
  • Tuition, Sports, Student Activity, Health Insurance, E-books, Engineering Lab Fee (for Engineering students) and Technology fees have already been automatically generated in the table.
  • Add up the total amounts generated in each row of the table and indicate the total amount in the bottom row of the column. This is your total fee for the Fall 2019 semester.
  • To calculate the total fee for the full year, please complete the same process for both semesters and add up the two amounts.


OR CALL BURSAR +234 805 502 6858 – BURSAR@AUN.EDU.NG

Our Bank Details

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
Branch: 43, Galadima Aminu Way, Jimeta, Yola, Adamawa State
Account Name:  AUN Fees Collection Account
Account Number: 0027121785
Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
Branch: 43, Galadima Aminu Way, Jimeta, Yola, Adamawa State
Account Name: AUN Operating Account (Dollar)
Account Number: 0027121888
Sort Code: 058093616

How to pay American University of Nigeria (AUN) School Fees 2022/2023 Session.

Here contains information for AUN Fees portal for undergraduates, the places to pay and how to pay for the school fees. The instructions are very short, precise and simple. Read through to understand the payment process. Here is How to Pay AUN School Fee;

  • Log in to the portal here.
  • Follow the instructions on the portal on how to pay.
  • After payment, make sure that you print out your receipt for payment
  • If there is anything you don’t understand, visit the school.



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This article has taken you through the entire process of paying AUN fees and in the process, breaking down the fees per department. It is believed that after going through this article, the students should not just know the stipulated amount to pay, but be able to do the payment themselves.

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