UNIJOS School Fees 2022/2023 Session: Schedule and How to Pay

UNIJOS School Fees 2022/2023 Session: Schedule and How to Pay- University of Jos (UNIJOS) School Fees 2022/2023 for new and returning students.

One of the first things you are expected to do after course registration and the rest of those things needed for freshers and returning students in University of Jos is payment of school fees.

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This article will walk you through the amount payable by new and returning students from first year to final year as well as the school fees schedule, breakdown and how to pay the school fees.

It is expected that after going through this article, the reader should be able to make payment of the school fees all by his or herself without any external guide.

In addition to the UNIJOS School fees information here, you will also get information such as UNIJOS School fees payment deadline, UNIJOS school fees portal, UNIJOS school fees for freshers, UNIJOS school fees per semester and even UNIJOS courses, department and registration procedure. So keep reading to stay informed.

UNIJOS School Fees Schedule for Undergraduates [New and Returning Students] 2022/2023.

Definitely, new students can’t pay the same with old or returning students. This contains information on UNIJOS School fees schedule for new and returning undergraduates in a well-organized manner. It contains the amount payable for each semester by the various departments available in the school.

Tuition Fee 1061 FREE
Sanitation & Cleaning Services 372 4,000.00
Examinations 1067 500
Tertiary Institutions Student Health Insurance Programme – TISHIP 1042 2,500.00
Caution Deposit 1053 500
Sports 1021 250
Departmental Registration 1116
Faculty Hand Book and Prints 1124
Library Fees 1044 1,000.00
Library Booklet 1047 500
Information & Communication Tech. Charges 1045 1,500.00
Identity Card 1041 500
Use of Academic Gown 1024 500
Student Union Dues 1050 250
Prospectus 1049 250
Utility/Sundry charges 1051 2,500.00
Partnership with Students Project 1048 250
University Student Handbook 1118 500
Student Insurance Policy 1056 500
General Studies (GST) Charges 1130 500
Municipal Services 1130 2,500.00
Computer Based Tests 1136 500
Campus Security 1137 500
TOTAL                                                 =N= 20,000.00

Please Note:

  • 25,000.00 NON-REFUNDABLE PRE-REGISTRATION FEE is to be paid by all students. This fee is added to the above charges and it sums up UNIJOS school fees for new students to 45,000 Naira.
  • Late Registration Fee of 10,000.00 applies as appropriate to student


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Tuition 1061 Free
Sanitation & Cleaning Services 1066 8,000.00
Examinations 1067 4,000.00
Tertiary Institute Student Health Insurance Programme – TISHIP 1042 2,500.00
Sports 1021 500
Departmental Registration 1116 2,000.00
Faculty Improvement Fee 1124 1,000.00
Information & Communication Tech. Charges 1045 4,000.00
Library Charges 1044 1,500.00
Student Union Dues 1050 500
Utility/Sundry charges 1051 7,000.00
Partnership with Students 1048 500
Student Insurance Policy 1056 500
Municipal Services 1135 9,000.00
Computer Based Tests 1136 2,000.00
Campus Security 1137 2,000.00
Total  =N= 45,000.00

Note: Late registration to be charged to Students affected before to the Student Fees payment Platform

***Replacement of ID Cards 2,000.00


MEDICAL SCIENCES (Rural Posting) 2,000.00
NURSING 4,000.00
100 LEVEL 1,500.00
200 LEVEL 1,000.00
300 LEVEL 500
400 LEVEL 2,500.00
500 LEVEL 1,000.00
100 LEVEL 4,000.00
200 LEVEL 6,000.00
300 LEVEL 10,000.00
PRACTICALS: 1,000.00
                       Natural Sciences
                      Microbiology 5,000.00
                      Medical Sciences 11,000.00
                      Pharmaceutical Sciences 1,000.00
                     Computer Science 1,000.00
                     Chemistry 1,000.00
ARTS: (English, Linguistics, Nigerian Languages, Theatre Arts) 1,000.00
LAW (MOOT COURT) 1,000.00

How to pay University of Jos (UNIJOS) School Fees 2022/2023 Session.

Here contains information for UNIJOS Fees portal for undergraduates, the places to pay and how to pay for the school fees. The instructions are very short, precise and simple. Read through to understand the payment process. Here is How to Pay UNIJOS School Fee;

After confirming eligibility, all fresh students should proceed to pay the school charges as follows:

  • Visit www.remit.net
  • Click on Pay FGN’s and State TSA
  • Click on Federal Government of Nigeria and for
  • Name of MDA, type University of Jos
  • Name Of Service/Purpose, select UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT
  • Amount To Pay (₦), scroll down and select New Student from Amount Item List
  • Fill in all the other fields and press Proceed to Payment

Note: Prefix your name with your JAMB registration number

  • When the payment succeeds, electronic receipt will be generated and sent to the email you indicated. Note the RRR number on the electronic receipt

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This article has taken you through the entire process of paying UNIJOS fees and in the process, breaking down the fees per department. It is believed that after going through this article, the students should not just know the stipulated amount to pay, but be able to do the payment themselves.

Should you have any difficulty, you can always reach out to us in the comment section below. We are ready to help. And one last thing, please do not leave this page without sharing this article on the social media platforms by clicking the social icon below. Please share to get others informed.

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