JAMB Chemistry Questions and Answers 2023 PDF (The Real Expo)

JAMB Chemistry Questions and Answers 2023 PDF (The Real Expo). JAMB Chemistry Past Questions and Answers is the Expo you have been searching for. It is true that there are some JAMB repeated questions as rumored. Getting to know which questions are repeated is why this article has been published.

JAMB Chemistry Questions and Answers 2021 PDF

So in this article, the reader will get to know the JAMB repeated questions and Answers on Chemistry for the 2023 UTME examination.

The Basic Trick in Passing JAMB Chemistry UTME Examination is to know the chemical formulas by heart, master the shortcuts of balancing chemical equations, etc. A basic definition like Boyle’s law etc,  should also be mastered and memorized.

Knowing some constants like mass and the atomic number of elements in chemistry, Avogadro’s number, the mass of the proton, neutron and electron, speed of light e.t.c will help you to answer some bonus questions asked by Jamb without giving some constants.

Hot Likely JAMB Chemistry Questions and Answers 2023

  1. The most reactive metal known is Francium.
  2. GELis a SOL which contains more solid particle dispersed in liquid than usual.
  3. The hardest substance known to man is DIAMOND.
  4. The lowest OxidationStateof IRON is ZERO
  5. QuantumNumbers only describes ELECTRONS and not ATOMS.
  6. Hydrogenationof Alkynes gives Alkanes
  7. The Law of DefiniteProportionis also referred to as the law of Constant Composition.
  8. Sodium liberates H2from Water= False.

*Sodium liberates H2 from Steam = True

  1. The electrolyteused in DOWN CELL is Molten NaClfused with Cacl2
  2. Nais not stored under water because it Tarnishes.
  3. Burning Kerosenegives CO2 + H2O
  4. Dissolutionof Calcium in water gives CaO.
  5. All Nitratesare Solublein water. Also, all nitrates unstable to heat.
  6. N2Ois the first Anaesthetic man ever used.
  7. The flame used by weldersis called Oxy-acetyleneflame
  8. Consecutive membersof the Alkane homologous series differ by CH2.
  9. The difference between dryingand dehydrationis that drying is removal of water while dehydration is the removal of elements of water (Hydrogen and oxygen).
  10. Benzeneis an Aromatic hydrocarbon.
  11. Atomic massis the number of proton and neutron in the nucleus of an atom.
  12. Atomic numberis the number of Proton an atom has.
  13. Electronsrevolve around the atom while Proton and Neutron are inside the Nucleus of the Atom.
  14. Radioactivityis the spontaneous disintegration of the nuclei of an atom to emit energy and radiations such as ALPHA PARTICLES, BETA PARTICLES AND GAMMA RAYS.
  15. Alpha particles have the least penetrating power.Beta particles can be stopped by Aluminium foil while Gamma rays can only be stopped by LEADBLOCK.
  16. The ability of CARBONto form long chains, branchedchains and ring is called catenation.
  17. Elements that can combine with carbon to give compounds are:
  • Hydrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Chlorine
  • Nitrogen
  • Bromine
  • Phosphorus
  1. Aliphatic Hydrocarbonscould be Cyclic, Acyclic or Alicyclic.
  2. Pure substanceshave definite boiling point and melting point.
  3. Example of radioactive materialare Uranium, Thorium and Polonium.
  4. The most notable scientist who contributed to the development of  Periodic tablebetween 1817 ti 1895 was Dmitri T. Mendeleev
  5. The fourth and fifth periodcontains 18 elements each.
  6. Elements in the same group are called CONGENERS.
  7. Free Hydrogen(H2) is the lightest gas known.
  8. Viscosityis the resistance to flow in liquids.
  9. Water starts boilingwhen the saturated vapour pressure is equal to the atmospheric pressure.
  10. Factors affecting boiling pointsof organic compounds are branching, volatility, polarity and impurity.
  11. The most reactivenonmetal known isfluorine.
  12. Impurityincreases boiling point but reduces melting point.
  13. Ernest Rutherford is the father of nuclear science.
  14. Radioactivitycan also be called transmutation.
  15. NUCLEAR ENERGYis produced by Nuclear fission and Nuclear fusion.
  16. Energy from the Sunis as a result of Nuclear fusion but reaches the earth via Radiation (Correction Credit: Saheed Soneye).
  17. The two types of radioactivityare natural radioactivity and artificial radioactivity.
  18. Every nucleusis positive.
  19. For solid which sublime, sublimationcan be used to isolate the solid from its impurities if the impurities themselves do not sublime.
  20. CRAO.Reduction takes place in cathode and oxidation occurs in the anode.
  21. Compound that rotates plane polarised light is said to be optically active.
  22. Cathode ray tubewas the forerunner of today’s television tube.
  23. R.A Millikan found the chargeof an electronto be -1.60×10-19C
  24. Antoine Becquerel discovered Radioactivitywhile Marie Curie suggested the name “Radioactivity”.
  25. Each Hydrogen spectrumproduces six series and each series produces lines while each line has a specific wavelength.
  26. Venus is the only planet that rotates in opposite direction to others
  27. The atmosphere is composed of 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen and 1% other gases including Co2, water vapour, the noble gases, dust and air pollutants.

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How to Score Very High on JAMB UTME Exams 2023- Top Secrets

There are top secrets that can help you ace out any examination. These secrets can be applied to any examination including the JAMB UTME Examination, especially mathematic questions. Now, you will need to follow these tips and thank me later.

Bonus Tip One: Ensure to Use Past Questions and Answers to Study– Do you really desire to pass your JAMB UTME examination effortlessly? Then do not neglect the use of Past questions and answers in any exams you write especially examinations like the JAMB UTME examination which often repeat questions. The essence of past questions is not really about the repetition of questions, but studying and understanding the pattern in which questions are set. They are times only limited questions will be repeated, and in such scenarios, you will use the ideas generated in the past materials you studied to tackle new questions.

Bonus Tip Two: Use Recommended Textbook– You want to pass your examination and you are studying out of context? You are seriously wasting your effort. The truth is questions are not hijacked from Pluto or mars, questions are set from materials recommended. So make sure to go through the recommended materials.

Bonus Tips Three: Look through the JAMB Syllabus and Brochure- Going through the syllabus and brochure is to ensure that you understand the scheme of things. Don’t go into the JAMB CBT examination hall ignorant of the very essentials things that might disqualify you from making it.

Bonus Tip Four: Revise All You Studied the Day before the Exams– There is something that revision does to you, it sharpens your memory. The reason is that revision is done under stress, and in psychology, there is what is termed as “positive stress”, and the kind of stress you experience during this period is a positive kind of stress, it keeps your brain alert.

Bonus Tip Four: Pray, Hope, and belief- You can only do your best, and leave the rest for providence. Do not work as if it depends on your strength. Your life depends on God, so always make sure you go back to him for help and guidance. It surely helps and I am living proof!

In conclusion, getting the JAMB Chemistry Questions and Answers from us is the surest thing to do if you really want to score very high in this year’s JAMB exams. Good luck to you in your forthcoming examination!

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