JAMB Economics Questions and Answers 2023- Repeated Questions

JAMB Economics Questions and Answers 2023- Repeated Questions. JAMB Economics Questions and Answers for JAMB UTME 2023 are actually available. This is not an expo, there are actual JAMB Past Questions and answers on the Economics, which can be download in PDF here.

This article will show you what JAMB Economics Questions and Answers encompasses, the pattern and format of the examination as well.

JAMB Economics Questions and Answers 2021

You should by now be very aware that JAMB Repeat Questions each year and this year will not be an exception. So it is therefore essential that you get to know the JAMB Repeated Questions on Economics by downloading the JAMB Economics Past Questions and Answers 2023.

We have compiled the past question and answers which cover over ten years and it is systematically arranged.

For the best result, please do ensure that you follow the instructions in our guide for a maximum result.

Please mind you, this is not “JAMB Expo”, and as a matter of fact, there is nothing like “JAMB Expo”. It doesn’t exist, you will be scammed, so keep your money.

Passing JAMB is not hard if you do the right thing. SO in this article on JAMB Economics Questions and Answers, you will be shown at least 10 Sample questions and answers which will help you on a previous of how the actual material looks like.

Does JAMB Repeat Questions on Economics?

If JAMB does repeat questions on any other subject, then Economics should not be an exception. The secret of mastering JAMB Repeated questions and answers of any subject is by getting JAMB Past Questions and Answers.

It is therefore noteworthy that students should get at least 7- 12 years of JAMB past Questions and answers if they truly want to scale through the UTME examination this year.

Below are some strategic examples of how JAMB repeats questions in the UTME examination.

JAMB Repeated Questions and Answers on Economics

1. the price elasticity of demand for a good is 0.43, an increase in the price of the good will result in
A. an increase in profit by 43%
B. a net gain
C. a decrease in profit by 43%
D. a net loss.

2.In a free market economy, the price system allocates resources
A. under government’s directives
B. to ensure general welfare
C. to their best alternative uses
D. to reduce poverty.

3. At consumer equilibrium, the slope of the indifference curve is
A. half the slope of the budget constraint line
B. equal to the slope of the budget constraint line
C. greater than the slope of the budget constraint line
D. less than the slope of the budget constraint line.

4. For a supply curve, a .increase in the price of a commodity will result in
A. a decrease in supply
B. a decrease in the quantity supplied
C. an increase in supply
D. an increase in the quantity supplied.

5. A normal good with close substitutes is likely to have its price elasticity of demand
A. between zero and one B. equal to unity
C. less than unity D. greater than unity.

6. Economics is regarded as a social science because it
A. adopts the scientific method in production
B. is an agent of socialization
C. adopts the scientific method in the study of human behavior
D. deals with social problems.

7.The diagram above shows the total utility curve. At point M, marginal utility
A. increases B. is unity C. diminishes
D. is zero

8. A change in supply is best described as a
A. movement along the supply curve
B. shift of the supply curve to the left or to the right
C. shift of the supply curve to the left
D. shift of the supply curve to the right.

9. When a generalization is made based on observed facts, it is known as
A. deductive reasoning
B. inductive reasoning
C. theoretical reasoning
D. normative reasoning.

10. A major problem facing all economies is how to
A. increase consumption of imported goods
B. improve trade among nations
C. transform from a developing to a developed economy
D. allocate scarce resources.

11. A vertical supply curve indicates that
A. the quantity supplied is responsive to price
B. the same fixed quantity will be supplied no matter the price
C. an increase in price will result in an increase in the quantity supplied
there is a fixed price for the c.

How to get JAMB Economics Past Questions and Answers in PDF

Getting the material will not be hard if you follow the instructions below;

To download the material, you will need to pay a sum of 2000 naira only (The cost of the past question is 2000 naira) into the following account;

Account Details

  • Account Number: 0318379097
  • Bank: GTBANK.

After Payment, send the following;

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How to Score Very High on JAMB UTME Exams 2023- Top Secrets

There are top secrets that can help you ace out any examination. These secrets can be applied to any examination including the JAMB UTME Examination, especially mathematic questions. Now, you will need to follow these tips and thank me later.

Bonus Tip One: Ensure to Use Past Questions and Answers to Study– Do you really desire to pass your JAMB UTME examination effortlessly? Then do not neglect the use of Past questions and answers in any exams you write especially examinations like the JAMB UTME examination which often repeat questions. The essence of past questions is not really about the repetition of questions, but studying and understanding the pattern in which questions are set. They are times only limited questions will be repeated, and in such scenarios, you will use the ideas generated in the past materials you studied to tackle new questions.

Bonus Tip Two: Use Recommended Textbook– You want to pass your examination and you are studying out of context? You are seriously wasting your effort. The truth is questions are not hijacked from Pluto or mars, questions are set from materials recommended. So make sure to go through the recommended materials.

Bonus Tips Three: Look through the JAMB Syllabus and Brochure- Going through the syllabus and brochure is to ensure that you understand the scheme of things. Don’t go into the JAMB CBT examination hall ignorant of the very essentials things that might disqualify you from making it.

Bonus Tip Four: Revise All You Studied the Day before the Exams– There is something that revision does to you, it sharpens your memory. The reason is that revision is done under stress, and in psychology, there is what is termed as “positive stress”, and the kind of stress you experience during this period is a positive kind of stress, it keeps your brain alert.

Bonus Tip Four: Pray, Hope, and belief- You can only do your best, and leave the rest for providence. Do not work as if it depends on your strength. Your life depends on God, so always make sure you go back to him for help and guidance. It surely helps and I am living proof!

In conclusion, getting the JAMB Economics Questions and Answers from us is the surest thing to do if you really want to score very high in this year’s JAMB exams. Good luck to you in your forthcoming examination!

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