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JAMB Government Questions and Answers-JAMB Repeated Questions 2023. Pastquestionpf is here to help you not just on JAMB Questions and Answers on Government, but also JAMB Government Past Questions and Answers, JAMB Repeated Questions and Answers on Government as well. So fasten your seat belt and get ready to learn.

Most candidates do not seem to have an interest in getting JAMB Past Questions again, but I can put it to you that JAMB CBT software is great, but you still need to get the past questions and answers as it from here you will get to know the JAMB repeated questions and answers 2023 on Government.

JAMB Government Questions and Answers

Please note that these aren’t just likely questions to be asked on JAMB Government UTME Exams, but actual JAMB questions that are often repeated in JAMB UTME Examination on Government.

Below are selected questions often repeated in JAMB Government UTME Exams.

JAMB Government Questions and Answers- Questions Often Repeated.

Here are the frequently asked questions (FAQs) and most Repeated Questions on JAMB Government. The questions come with their answers.

1. The tenure of an elected chairman of local government is determined by the
A. Federal Executive Council
B. National Union of Local Government Employees
C. National Assembly
D. State House of Assembly
2. The 1976 Reforms made the local government the
A. Second-tier of government
B. first-tier of government
C. fourth-tier of government
D. Third-tier of government

3. Decision making in the traditional lgbo political system was conferred on the basis of
A. Privilege B. age C. gender D. Status

4. The political party that originated from
Jamiyyar Mutanem Arewa was

5. A major consequence of colonialism on Nigeria is
A. Economic dependence
B. the attainment of equal status with Europe
C. suppression of state structures
D. The up-liftment of its image

6. The judiciary contribute to the development of constitutions through
A. Judicial review B. historical records
C. bye- laws D. Acts of parliament

7. The upper house of the legislature is responsible for the
A. Assent to bill
B. signing of treaties
C. approval of declaration
D. Passage of appropriation bill

8. Which of the following political parties contested the 1993 Presidential Election?
A. NRC and SDP B. AD and APP
C. UNCP and NDP D. PRP and DPP

9. A mode of production in which the resources of a community are pooled together for the general well-being of the people is called
A. Communism B. communalism
C. socialism D. Capitalism

10. Which of these international organizations was Nigeria a founding member?
A. UNO B. The Commonwealth

11. Nigeria’s role in ECOWAS was significant in dispute resolution in
A. Liberia B. Nigeria
C. the Gambia D. Senegal

12. An example of civil right of a citizen is the right to
A. be voted for
B. property and justice
C. peaceful assembly D. Vote

13. In the judicial parlance, writ means
A. Restraining order
B. prohibitive order
C. acquitting order
D. Sentencing order

14. Public corporations are controlled by the legislature through
A. Daily monitoring of their activities
B. discipline of staff
C. approval of their annual budgets
D. Recruitment of staff

15. One of the reasons for the adoption of Africa as the centrepiece of Nigeria’s foreign policy is to
A. Encourage rivalry in Africa
B. monopolize African economies
C. protect her domestic environment
D. Challenge the major powers

16. Elective principle was first introduced in Nigeria by the
A. Lyttleton Constitution
B. Richards Constitution
C. Clifford Constitution

17. The type of pressure group that champions the interest and the right of the under privileged is known as the
A. Professional pressure groups
B. promotional interest groups
C. economic interest groups
D. Educational pressure groups

18. A major innovation of the 1979 Constitution was the
A. Increase in constitutional power of elected officials
B. creation of more state
C. prohibition of cross-carpeting
D. Introduction of presidential system

19. The organ of the AU that prepares for the meeting of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government is the
A. Commission of Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration
B. African Parliament
C. Council of Ministers
D. General Secretariat

20. One of the features of a fascist government is that
A. Political power is decentralised
B. it gives room for opposition
C. the state define the rights of individuals
D. Sovereignty is identified with landed property

21. Promotion and discipline of civil servants is the responsibility of the
A. Federal Character Commission
B. Ministry of Labour
C. Civil Service Commission
D. Public Complaints Commission

22. Under the unitary arrangement, the centre is vested with
A. Limited power over the constituent units
B. equal power with the constituent units
C. insignificant power D. Absolute power

23. Which of these international organizations is Nigeria a member majorly because of her economic interest?
A. UN B. Commonwealth C. AU D. OEC

24. Abolition of civil liberty is an attribute of
A. Presidential government
B. parliamentary government
C. military government
D. Republic government

25. One of the agencies introduced by the military to promote national integration was the
A. National Youth Service Corps
B. Directorate of Mass Mobilization for Social and Economic Reconstruction
C. Directorate of Food, Roads and Rural Infrastructure
D. National Directorate for Employment

26. One of the main objectives of OPEC is to
A. Assist multinational companies to monopolize market
B. protect the interest of multinational companies
C. stabilize the income of developing nations
D. Fix and allocate production to member nations

27. Nigeria’s foreign relation with Britain was strained during the Buhari Regime because
A. Britain tested atomic bomb in the Sahara desert
B. Britain refused to recognize the regime
C. Nigeria refused to export crude oil to Britain
D. Nigeria wanted to forcefully extradite Aihiji Umar Dikko from Britain

28. The Babangida Regime differed from Buhari Regime because in the former,
A. Governors were assisted by commissioners
B. ministers executed government policies
C. governors were members of the National Council of State
D. The post of Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff was created

29. A feature of the presidential system is that
A. The president has an indefinite term of office
B. there is a separate election for the executive and the legislature
C. the president is a member of the legislature
D. The cabinet is collectively accountable to the legislature

30. The Chairman of the Federal Character Commission is appointed by the

A. Secretary to the Government of the Federation
B. National Assembly
C. Minister of Labour and Productivity
D. President

31. A form of government in which the sovereign power to rule is vested in a small number of people considered as the best qualified to rule is

A. Autocracy B. theocracy
C. gerontocracy D. Aristocracy

32. One of the major shortcomings of ECOWAS is

A. Expansion of market
B. Trade liberalization
C. curbing smuggling
D. Fostering of unity

33. The party that formed a coalition with the NPC in the First Republic was

34. Personal authority is synonymous with

A. Charismatic authority
B. instrumental authority
C. sacred authority D. Legal authority

35. The administrative system used by the British in her colonies was

A. Indignant system B. direct rule
C. indirect rule
D. Policy of assimilation

36. An electoral system in which a candidate with the highest number of votes in a constituency is declared winner is

A. Alternative vote system
B. second ballot system
C. absolute majority system
D. Simple majority system

37. Which of the following belongs to the administrative cadre in the civil service?

A. Executive Officers B. Surveyors
C. Medical Director D. Deputy Director

38. Aristocracy is described as a form of government in which

A. Popular citizens rule
B. the clergy rule
C. few citizens rule D. Best citizens rule

39. The head of the Old Oyo Empire was the

A. Alaafin B. Bashorun
C. Ooni D. Are-Ona-kakanfo

40. The Babangida Regime re-established diplomatic ties with
A. France B. Germany C. Israel D. Britain

41. The remote cause of the Action Group Crisis of 1962 was the

A. Fear of domination
B. abolition of federalism
C. personality clash among its leaders
D. Issue of self government

42. Fixed tenure of office is associated with the

A. Parliamentary system
B. monarchical system
C. republican system D. Presidential

43. Which of the following was a Revenue Allocation Commission?

A. Udoji Commission
B. Raisman Commission
C. Aboyade Commission
D. Williams Commission

44. Election can be used to measure the effectiveness of
A. Pressure groups
B. political propaganda
C. political opinion D. Public opinion

45. A feature of communalism is that

A. Ownership of land is vested in the community

a landowner can employ landless men
C. landless men have no privileges as citizens
D. Sovereignty is identified with landed property

46. In the Hausa pre-colonial system, the officer in charge of fishing activities was the

A. Sarkin Noma B. Sarkin Dogarai
C. Sarkin Ruwa D. Sarkin Pawa

47. The social and Cultural Affairs Commission is a specializes agency of the

A. OPEC B. Commonwealth

48. Which of the following assists the president in the formulation of foreign policies?

A. Ministry of Foreign Affair
B. Ministry of Interior
C. Ministry of Defence
D. Ministry of justice

49. Rule by divine right is a basis of

A. Absolute monarchy
B. representative democracy
C. the republican system
D. The feudal system

50. An important ingredient of the civil service is
A. Hierarchy B. imbalance
C. nepotism D. Partisanship


1.D 2.D 3.B 4.D 5.C 6.A 7.D
8. A 9.A 10.D 11.A 12.D 13.A 14.C
15.C 16.C 17.B 18.D 19.C 20.C 21.C
22.D 23. D 24.C 25.A 26. D 27.D 28.D
29.B 30.D 31.D 32.D 33.B 34.A 35.C
36.D 37.D 38.C 39.A 40.C 41.C 42.D
43.A 44.D 45.A 46.C 47.C 48.A 49.A

Why You Need JAMB Past Questions and Answers for JAMB UTME Exams 2023.

I wrote my first UTME Exam in 2011 and since then nothing has changed. Back then, it was pen and pencil, CBT wasn’t introduced until the 2012 UTME exams, but then one thing remained unchanged through the years, and that is; JAMB often repeat questions in the UTME exams.

For this reason, we have prepared questions and answers for JAMB on all UTME Subjects. The material has been compiled in a very helpful manner to all candidates. Here is why you really need this material as a way to step up your game in the JAMB Government UTME examination 2023;

  • Over ten years of past questions with answers.
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  • The material is not only limited to the past questions in the previous JAMB UTME Examination on Government, few related questions based on the latest JAMB Syllabus are included.
  • Guides you on how to answer technical questions.
  • There are keynotes and commentaries at the end of the past question.

How to get JAMB Government Past Questions and Answers in PDF

Getting the material will not be hard if you follow the instructions below;

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How to Score Very High on JAMB UTME Exams 2023- Top Secrets

There are top secrets that can help you ace out any examination. These secrets can be applied to any examination including the JAMB UTME Examination, especially Government questions. Now, you will need to follow these tips and thank me later.

Bonus Tip One: Ensure to Use Past Questions and Answers to Study– Do you really desire to pass your JAMB UTME examination effortlessly? Then do not neglect the use of Past questions and answers in any exams you write especially examinations like the JAMB UTME examination which often repeat questions. The essence of past questions is not really about the repetition of questions, but studying and understanding the pattern in which questions are set. They are times only limited questions will be repeated, and in such scenarios, you will use the ideas generated in the past materials you studied to tackle new questions.

Bonus Tip Two: Use Recommended Textbook– You want to pass your examination and you are studying out of context? You are seriously wasting your effort. The truth is questions are not hijacked from Pluto or mars, questions are set from materials recommended. So make sure to go through the recommended materials.

Bonus Tips Three: Look through the JAMB Syllabus and Brochure- Going through the syllabus and brochure is to ensure that you understand the scheme of things. Don’t go into the JAMB CBT examination hall ignorant of the very essentials things that might disqualify you from making it.

Bonus Tip Four: Revise All You Studied the Day before the Exams– There is something that revision does to you, it sharpens your memory. The reason is that revision is done under stress, and in psychology, there is what is termed as “positive stress”, and the kind of stress you experience during this period is a positive kind of stress, it keeps your brain alert.

Bonus Tip Four: Pray, Hope, and belief- You can only do your best, and leave the rest for providence. Do not work as if it depends on your strength. Your life depends on God, so always make sure you go back to him for help and guidance. It surely helps and I am living proof!

In conclusion, getting the JAMB Government Questions and Answers from us is the surest thing to do if you really want to score very high in this year’s JAMB exams. Good luck to you in your forthcoming examination!

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