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NECO Biology Past Questions and Answers | Theory and Objectives –Download PDF.

NECO Biology Past Questions and Answers | Theory and Objectives –Download PDF. The National Examination Council of Nigeria (NECO) Examination is around the corner. This article provides the readers with the information on how to download NECO Biology Past Questions and Answers. NECO Biology Questions are essential for you to know if you want to pass the NECO SSCE Biology Exams 2023.

The NECO Biology past questions and answers is a compiled material in PDF that contains past questions from NECO Biology Exams of previous years. The material comes with answers and is easily downloadable.

You can download the materials here. The instructions on how to download the NECO Biology can be found below. You are expected to follow the instructions in order for you to succeed. The material does not only contain information on NECO Biology Questions and answers but how to pass exams as well. You can see this article on the 21 indispensable steps to pass any exams with high grade.

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NECO Biology Sample Questions and Answers

PAPER II [Essay]
Answer any FOUR questions.
Write your answers on the answer booklet provided.

1. (a) i. What is respiration?
ii. In a tabular form, state four differences between gaseous exchange and aerobic respiration.
(b) i. Explain the term residual air.
ii. What is the importance of residual air to mammals?
(c) State four characteristic features associated with respiratory structures.
(d) i. What is oxygen debt?
ii. Outline three activities that can result in oxygen debt.

ANS: a)
b) (i) During breathing out/expiration/exhalation; not all the air is removed from the lungs; the air left inside the lungs during breathing out is residual air.
(ii) air is left in the lungs so that the lungs do not collapse;
air is always left inside the lungs so that more oxygen can be removed (diffuse) into the blood stream.
(d) i. The build up of lactic acid; during strenuous exercise is poisonous and makes the muscles ache; oxygen is needed to break down/get rid of the lactic acid; that is why athletes continue breathing heavily even after the exercise is over; the oxygen needed to get rid of the lactic acid is known as oxygen debt.
ii. Running; boxing; swimming /any correct example of strenuous activities.

2. (a) (i) What is sexual reproduction?
(ii) Name four organs in mammals that produce sex hormones.
(iii) Name one sex hormone produced by each of the organs named in 2(a)(i).
(b) In a tabular form outline three differences between reproductions in lizards and birds.
(c) (i) How are identical twins forms in humans?
(ii) State three characteristics features of identical twins.

3. (a) Define the term osmosis.
(b) State two ways each in which osmosis is of importance to:
(i) plants;
(ii) animals.
(c) A normal terrestrial plant was watered daily with a hypertonic solution for about seven (7) days. It was discovered that the plant was not doing well. Explain why.
(d) (i)Explain briefly how marine organisms overcome the problem of high salinity in their environment?
(ii) List four examples of organisms found in the benthic zone of a marine habitat.

4. (a)  (i) What is conservation?
(ii) State six factors responsible for the decline of the abundance and variety of wildlife.
(b) Outline six ways in which the government can improve the situation in 4(a) (ii) above.
(c) (i) What is Eutrophication?
(ii) State two causes of eutrophication.

5. (a) What is reproduction?
(b) In a tabular form, state six differences between sexual reproduction and
(c) asexual reproduction.
(d) State three advantages sexual reproduction.
(e) (i) Describe the female reproductive structure of a flowering plant.
(ii) List two factors necessary for germination of seeds.

6. (a) (i) What is courtship behaviour?
(ii) Outline five benefits derived by the exhibition of courtship behaviour.
(b) Describe briefly courtship behavior in the Agama lizard.
(c) Describe briefly the mammalian placenta.

7. (a) Explain briefly the role of the skin as a sensory organ.
(b) Describe briefly the vegetation of Tropical Rain Forest.
(c) List five animals that inhabit the Tropical Rain Forest.

How to Download NECO Biology past Questions and Answers

Here are the instructions to be followed in order to download the NECO Biology Questions and answers without any issue. Please follow our instructions and guide very well.

The cost of the newly updated NECO Past Questions and Answers is 2,000.00 naira only for One Subject e.g

  • Use of English 1000 naira
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To get NECO Past Questions and Answers follow the steps below.

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Download also: The complete NECO Past Questions and answers for all subjects.

Tips on How to Pass NECO Examination 2023

If you want to Past the NECO Examination this year, you will need to follow the instructions below.

  • Practice daily with NECO Past Questions and Answers
  • Write out your subjects, the dates and time.
  • Engage in general revision few days to the examination and dwell more on the subjects you find difficult.
  • Focus on only your first paper a week to the exam. This would make it sweet and you will have energy to read for other papers.
  • Don’t read any other subject when it is two days to a particular subject.
  • When you have two papers that are separated by only one day, read the second one first before going to the subject you have first.
  • Ensure to be in the NECO examination venue at least two hours to the examination so that you would be balanced.
  • Try to be up to date in cases of changes in the timetable.
  • Have a personal copy of the NECO timetable and syllabus.
  • Go through your timetable daily so that you don’t miss any paper.
  • Don’t go to the hall when you are not having paper that day.

Disclaimer: Please note these are not the actual questions and answers that you will find in the NECO Examination this year, but they are the likely questions. to get the actual NECO Past Questions and answers, please call 07063986527.

Download Actual NECO Past Questions and Answers.

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