TASU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers– Download PDF File.

TASU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers– Download PDF File. The file is available in PDF Format for full Download.

Download the  Taraba State University, Jalingo Post UTME Past Question PDF. The material is well updated and contains questions and answers from previous IAUEPost UTME Screening Exams. Continue Reading to Stay Informed on how to download the Past Questions.

TASU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

TASU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

The idea of establishing a State University for Taraba State was muted in 2004 when Rev. Jolly T. Nyame was State Governor, Feasibility studies were conducted but the proposal was never implemented. It was on 14th June 2007 when Pharm. Danbaba Danfillani Suntai, State Governor, set up a Technical Committee on the Establishment of Taraba State University.

These past questions and answers will cover;

  • TASU Medical Post UTME Past Questions
  • TASU Law Post UTME Past Questions
  • TASU Engineering Post UTME Past Questions

As well as all the courses and departments in  Taraba State University, Jalingo.

Why You Need TASU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

  • It gives you a focused insight into what to expect in the actual examination.
  • 80% of questions contained therein are usually repeated by TASU either directly or by getting the same questions rephrased.
  • You will easily recall answers to questions if you see them in the exam hall thereby saving you time for other tougher questions.
  • It gives you confidence before you enter the hall for the actual thing.
  • It increases your experience and makes you understand patterns of questions from TASU.

Taraba State University Jalingo Post UTME Past Questions Samples

1) During binary fission in lower organisms, the nucleus is known to undergo

(a) miltosis (b) melosis (c) fragmentation (d) mutation

2) Which of the following is not a function of the mammalian skeleton?

(a) protection (b) respiration (c) transportation (d) support

3) The group of arthropods that has no antenna is the…

a) crustacean (b) chilopoda (c) arachinida (d) diplopoda

4) Bacteria multiply rapidly by means of

(a) building (a) fragmentation (c) binary fission (d) spore formation

5) The biological factor that is unique to each individuals is the

(a) DNA (b) eye colour (c) blood group (d) RNA

6) An ecological succession often leads to

(a) an increase I species diversity (b) a decrease in species diversity (c) an unstable community (d) the dispersal of species

7) The cross between an albino female and a genetically normal male will result in offspring that are

(a) albino (b) all phenotypically normal (c) all genetically normal (d) half albino and half normal

8) Viviparosity occurs mainly in the

(a) mammals (b) reptiles (c) aves (d) amphibian

9) The ability of organism to live successfully in an environment is known as

(a) resistance (b) competition (c) succession (d) adaptation

10) The cell component that is present in a prokaryotic cell is the

(a) ribosome (b) mitochondrion (c) chloroplast (d) nuclear envelop

How to Download TASU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

To download this past question and answer, you will need to pay for it. The Past question is 2000 naira for four subject combinations. Pay by transfer into the following account details.

  • Acc Name: Etuk, Oto-obong Emmanuel
  • Acc No: 0318379097
  • Bank: GTBANK

After Payment send your email address, and the Past Question you need to 07063985527. MOBILE TRANSFER IS ACCEPTED

Important: Please before payment, call 07063986527 or chat on WhatsApp. Do not make payment blindly!

How to Pass TASU Post UTME Exams 

Do you want to pass the University of Port Harcourt? These are the laws to pass this year Post-UTME exams beyond the average level.

  • Familiarize yourself with the Syllabus

First and Foremost you will need to get the complete Jamb syllabus, which you can get here. Then make sure you familiarize yourself with it as much as you can. Then proceed to the next step.

  • Get past question

You are on this page because you need post UTME Past QuestionsThe past questions and answers are very important when it comes to clearing the exams. This is because it gives you a scope of what the actual exams looks like and therefore getting you very prepare and familiarizing your self with the examination.

  • Know the departmental cut off mark for your course

It is a total disaster to miss your admission because you did not apply or supplement for a course whose cut off mark you could meet. Use this opportunity to know all JAMB departmental cut off marks.

  • Apply for Exams on time

“A stitch in time saves nine” is a popular adage which is very true and practical. There is one important thing about doing things on time and this needs not be over emphasize. Applying for the screening exams on time will give you enough room to prepare for the actual examination itself.

  • Know your subject combination

Another disaster that could befall you is preparing for the wrong subjects. Hence we have compiled a complete list of JAMB subject combination for all courses right here for you. Check it out.

  • Be hungry for success

It is one thing to prepare, it is another thing to prepare well. If i may ask, how are you preparing? To succeed, you must be hungry for success. That is the only way to outshine and stand above your contemporaries.

  • Do not procrastinate

“Procrastination is a thief of time” is another popular adage that people take for granted. The more you postpone a task, the more enormous it becomes. “Eat that frog now!” Do not procrastinate for another single second again, pick up your phone dial 07063986527 and order for the TASU post UTME Past Question Now.

  • Read! Read! Read!

If you don’t read and practice, how do you expect to pass? So reading and studying hard can only be the sure and guaranteed way to pass the TASU Post UTME Screening.

  • Have a schedule for studying

Another thing to note, do not just study, but have a schedule for studying. do read at any time you feel like, have a particular time for study, so that you can have a free flow of thoughts.

  • Put your past questions into use

When you purchase this past questions, do not leave it on your phone or laptop as a monument, ut it into proper use by practicing with it. It will pay in the long run.

  • Test and time yourself

When your are practicing with the Past Question, set a time limit for yourself, probably the same time limit youu will be given at the screening centers.

  • Learn to use a memory technique

It is one thing to read and it is another to remember. Employing memory techniques such as Mnemonic when reading is very helpful.

  • If you are a science student practice without a calculator

Download Also:

And Lastly, if you are a science student, learn how to do your calculation without calculators. This will help you because calculators aren’t allowed in the exam hall

Download All Post UTME Past Questions and Answers here.

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