WAEC Computer Studies Questions and Answers 2023 | Theory and OBJ- Download PDF

WAEC Computer Studies Questions and Answers 2023 | Theory and OBJ- Download PDF. WAEC Computer Studies Questions…If you are about to write the West African Senior Certificate Exams (WASSCE), you will realize that you need the WAEC Past Questions and Answers.

This article provides you with WAEC Computer Studies Questions and Answers for the WASSCE 2023. It contains information regarding the WAEC Computer Studies Theory and Objective Questions and Answers.

WAEC Computer Studies Questions and Answers 2021

The 2023 Waec Computer Science exam will comprise of Papers 2 & 1 Essay and Objective which will commence from 3.00pm and end by 4.00pm. That means the examination will last for one hours (1hrs) only.

In this post, we will be posting out samples of the WAEC Computer Science questions for candidates that will participate in the examination for practice purposes.

WAEC Computer Studies Objective Questions


(1) A computer is best defined as a/an

  • (a) machine that is capable of carrying out enormous task.
  • (b) machine that performs routine calculations.
  • (c) electronic device that processes data.
  • (d) electronic device that has monitor.

(2) Which of the following are constituents of a computer system?

  • (a) Input and output units
  • (b) Hardware and software
  • (c) Softcopy and hardcopy
  • (d) Data and information

(3) The acronym CPU stands for

  • (a) Central Programming Unit.
  • (b) Central Processing Unit.
  • (c) Computer Processing Unit.
  • (d) Computer Programming Unit.

(4) Which of the following is not a method of creating information?

  • (a) Information gathering
  • (b) Information analysis
  • (c) Information theory
  • (d) Information processing

(5) Which of the following is a transducer?

  • (a) Editor
  • (b) Linux
  • (c) Compiler
  • (d) MS Windows

WAEC Computer Studies Theory Questions


1.(a)(i) Define an integrated package.


(ii) Give two examples of an integrated package.

(b)(i) Explain the term word processing program.

(ii) State four steps employed in saving a new document in MS-Word.

(c) State the column and row numbers of a spreadsheet cell as addressed as BB25?

(d) Explain the following terms as used in MS-ACCESS:

(i) table;

(ii) record;

(iii) field.

(e) List two examples of a

(i) presentation package;

(ii) graphic package.

(2) Using BASIC programming language,

(a) compute the square root of numbers from 10 to 50 step 5;

(b) if X = a + b +

, write BASIC statements demonstrating the following in-built


(i) ABS (X);

(ii) SQR (X);

(iii) COS (X);

(iv) EXP (X);

(v) V = SQR (X) + COS (X) + EXP (X) – ABS (X).

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