WAEC Mathematics Questions and Answers 2023 -Objective and Theory | PDF

WAEC Mathematics Questions and Answers-Objective and Theory | PDF. WAEC Mathematics Past Questions and Answers PDF Download…This article is intended to help you realize the questions and answers that you will have to face in the WAEC Examination this year.

WAEC Mathematics Questions and Answers

You will also understand how WAEC Mathematics questions are set and many more examination details. All you need to do is to stay focus and follow this guide.

The examination is conducted by the West African Examination Council and is written by candidates who are about leaving secondary school.

The General Maths (Core) 2 (Essay) paper usually starts by 9:30am and will last for 2hrs 30mins while the General Mathematics/ Mathematics (Core) 1 (Objective) exam will commence 3pm and will last for 1hr 30mins.

WAEC Mathematics Objective Questions

1. Look at this series: 2, 1, 12, 14 ,… What number should come next?
A. 13
B. 18
C. 28
D. 116
E. 132


2. A group of market women sell at least one of yam, plantain and maize. 12 of them sell maize, 10 sell yam and 14 sell plantain. 5 sell plantain and maize, 4 sell yam and maize, 2 sell yam and plantain only while 3 sell all the three items. How many women are in the group?
A. 25
B. 19
C. 18
D. 17


3. If log 10 to base 8 = X, evaluate log 5 to base 8 in terms of X.
A. 12
B. X-14
C. X-13
D. X-12


4. Find the value of X if 2√x+2√=1x−2√
A. 3√2+4
B. 3√2-4
C. 3-2√2
D. 4+2√2



5. If (a2b−3c)34a−1b4c5=apbqcr What is the value of p+2q?
A. (5/2)
B. -(5/4)
C. -(25/4)
D. -10


6. If {(a2b-3c)3/4/a-1b4c5} = apbqcr; what is the value of p+2q?
A. (5/2)
B. -(5/4)
C. -(25/4)
D. -10


7. A trader bought 100 oranges at 5 for N1.20, 20 oranges got spoilt and the remaining were sold at 4 for N1.50. Find the percentage gain or loss.
A. 30% gain
B. 25% gain
C. 30% loss
D. 25% loss


8. What is the answer when 24346 is divided by 426?
A. 236
B. 356
C. 526
D. 556


9. If 29 x (3Y)9 = 35 x (3Y)5, find the value of Y.
A. 4
B. 3
C. 2
D. 1


10. The sum of two numbers is twice their difference. If the difference of the numbers is P, find the larger of the two numbers
A. p/2
B. 3p/2
C. 5p/2
D. 3p


11. A binary operation * is defined by a*b = ab+a+b for any real number a and b. if the identity element is zero, find the inverse of 2 under this operation.
A. 2/3
B. 1/2
C. -1/2
D. -2/3


12. Factorize completely X2+2XY+Y2+3X+3Y-18
A. (x+y+6)(x+y-3)
B. (x-y-6)(x-y+3)
C. (x-y+6)(x-y-3)
D. (x+y-6)(x+y+3)


13. Tope bought X oranges at N5.00 each and some mangoes at N4.00 each. if she bought twice as many mangoes as oranges and spent at least N65.00 and at most N130.00, find the range of values of X.
A. 4≤X≤5
B. 5≤X≤8
C. 5≤X≤10
D. 8≤X≤10


14. Three consecutive positive integers k, l and m are such that l2 = 3(k+m). Find the value of m
A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7


15. Express 1X3−1 in partial fractions
A. 1/3{(1/x-1)-(x-2/x2-x+1)}
B. 1/3{(1/x-1)-(x+2/x2+x+1)}
C. 1/3{(1/x-1)-(x-2/x2+x+1)}
D. 1/3{(1/x-1)-(x-2/x2-x-1)}

WAEC Mathematics Essay Questions

Answer any questions.
Write your answers on the answer booklet provided.

1. A = {2, 4, 6, 8}, B = {2, 3, 7, 9} and C = {x: 3 < x < 9} are subsets of the universal-set
U = {2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9}. Find
(a) A n(B’nC’);
(b) (AuB) n(BuC).

2. In the diagram above, the points A, B, C and D lie on the circle, centre O. TA and TB are tangents touching the circle at A and B respectively.
AÔB = 132°, AĈD = 59° and AOC is a straight line.

(a) Find ATB.
(b) Find BDA.(c) Find BDC.
(d) Find OBD.

3 (a) The probability that a malaria patient (M) survives when administered with a newly discovered drug is 0.27 and the probability that a thyphoid patient (T) survives when injected with another newly discovered drug is 0.85.  What is the probability that;
i. either of the two patients survives?
ii. of two patients survive?
iii. at least one of the two patients survive?
(b) Give your answers correct to 2 significant figures.

4. The frequency distribution of the weight of 100 participants in a high jump competition is as
shown below:

Weight (kg) 20-29 30 – 39 40 – 49 SO – 59 60 – 69 70-79
Number of
pa rtici pa nts 10 18 22 25 16 9

(a) Construct the cumulative frequency table.
(b) Draw the cumulative frequency curve.
(c)   From the curve, estimate the:
(i)   median;
(ii) semi-interquartile range;
(iii) probability that a participant chosen at random weighs at least 60 kg.

5. Using ruler and a pair of compasses only:
(a) construct a triangle PQR with /PQ/ = 10cm, ∠QPR= 90° and∠PQR = 30°;

(b) (i) construct I, the locus of all points equidistant from PR and QR;
(ii) locate M, the point where / intersects with po,

(c) (i) with M as centre and radius MP, draw a circle;
(ii) calculate the area of the circle correct to one decimal place.
[Take Π= 22/7].

6. A sector of angle 135° is removed from a thin circular metal sheet of radius 40cm. It is then folded with the straight edges coinciding to form a right circular cone. Calculate the:
(a) base radius of the cone, correct to two decimal places.
(b) greatest volume of liquid which the cone can hold, leaving your answer correct to the nearest cm3. (Take p = 22/7).

7. (a) P varies directly as Q and inversely as the square of R.  If P = 1 when Q = 8 and R = 2, find the value of Q when P = 3 and R = 5.

(b) An aeroplane flies from town A(20oN, 60oE) to town B(20oN, 20oE).
(i) If the journey takes 6 hours, calculate, correct to 3 significant figures, the average speed of the aeroplane.
(ii) If it then flies due north from town B to town C, 420 km away, calculate, correct to the nearest degree, the latitude of town C.
[Take radius of the earth = 6400 km and  π = 3.142]

8. Two fair dice are thrown.
M is the event described by “the sum of the scores is 10” and
N is the event described by “the difference between the scores is 3”.
(a) Write out the elements of M and N.
(b) Find the probability of M or N.
(c) Are M and N mutually exclusive? Give reasons.

9. (a) In a class of 50 students, 30 offered History, 15 offered History and Geography while 3 did not offer any of the two subjects.
(i)Represent the information on a Venn diagram.
(ii)Find the number of candidates that offered:
(A) History only;
(B) Geography only.

(b) A trader sold an article at a discount of 8% for N 828.00. If the article was initially marked to gain 25%, find the
(i)cost price of the article;
(ii)discount allowed.

10. The area of a rectangular football field is 7200m2 while its perimeter is 360m.  calculate the:
(a) dimensions of the field;
(b) cost of clearing the field at N6.50 per square meter, leaving a margin of 2m wide along the longer sides;
(c) percentage of the part not cleared.

11. (a) Given the Arithmetic Sequence -6, -2 , 1, …, 71, find the:
(i) common difference;
(ii) number of terms of the sequence
(b) The difference between the third and first terms of a Geometric Progression (G. P.) is 42. If the fourth term is greater than the second term by 168, find the:
(i) first term;
(ii) fourth term of the distribution.

12. The table below shows the distribution of marks scored by students in an examination.

Class interval Frequency
60 – 64
65 – 69
70 – 74
75 – 79
80 – 84
85 – 89
90 – 94
95 – 99

Calculate, correct to 2 decimal places, the
(a) mean;
(b) standard deviation of the distribution.
ANS: table.

Class Interval f Class Mid-point x fx fx2
60 – 64 2 62 124 7688
65 – 69 3 67 201 13467
70 – 74 6 72 432 31104
75 – 79 11 77 847 65219
80 – 84 8 82 656 53792
85 – 89 7 87 609 52983
90 – 94 2 92 184 16928
95 – 99 1 97 97 9409
Σf = 40 Σf = 3150 Σfx2 = 250,590

Tips on How to Pass WAEC Examination- How to Use WAEC Past Questions

If you want to pass this WAEC Examination, then you will need to

  • Practice daily with WAEC Past Questions and Answers
  • Write out your subjects, the dates and time.
  • Engage in general revision few days to the examination and dwell more on the subjects you find difficult.
  • Focus on only your first paper a week to the exam. This would make it sweet and you will have energy to read for other papers.
  • Don’t read any other subject when it is two days to a particular subject.
  • When you have two papers that are separated by only one day, read the second one first before going to the subject you have first.
  • Ensure to be in the waec examination venue at least two hours to the examination so that you would be balanced.
  • Try to be up to date in cases of changes in the timetable.
  • Have a personal copy of the waec timetable and syllabus.
  • Go through your timetable daily so that you don’t miss any paper.
  • Don’t go to the hall when you are not having paper that day.

Disclaimer: Please note these are not the actual questions and answers that you will find in the WAEC Examination this year, but they are the likely questions. to get the actual WAEC Past Questions and answers, please call 07063986527.

Download Actual WAEC Past Questions and Answers.

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