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Professional Bodies in Nigeria Fully Accredited in 2021 | Complete List

Professional Bodies in Nigeria Fully Accredited in 2021 | Complete List.

There are a lot of professional bodies in Nigeria. Many are registered and accredited while some are not. This article will focus on all the professional bodies in Nigeria that are fully registered and accredited. You will also be furnished with the information on these bodies including their functions and contact details.

Professional Bodies in Nigeria Fully Accredited
Professional Bodies in Nigeria Fully Accredited

The essence of these professional bodies is to make sure that the activities of professionals under the body are regulated. The bodies also ensure that you are certified and well trained before you practice the craft of your profession.

These bodies ensure that members go for short courses and are awarded with professional certificates. These certificates are rated highly by employers and increase the chances of one being employed.

Important Things You Should note about Professional Bodies

Joining a professional body is the soul of your profession. You have to join one in order to progress in your career.

These are the reasons why you should join a professional body.

  • They make you fully accepted into your profession. For example, an accountant that is chartered is more honored that the one that is not.
  • These professional bodies have regulations, ethics, conducts, and codes and they take disciplinary action against erring members, and we can say that they help maintain discipline among members in the profession.
  • They set ethical standards and standard of professional conducts for members including benchmarks and best practices;
  • Some of these professional bodies administer examinations to members depending on their rules. Success in this examination proves the level of your competence in the profession.
  • As you increase in experience, your rank in membership increases.
  • They expose members to career advancement events such as trainings, workshops and seminars;
  • Membership is open to you whether as a student, practitioner or corporate body.

Accredited and Registered Professional Bodies in Nigeria 2021

Now these are the list of professional bodies in Nigeria that are approved, registered and accredited fully.

1 Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria http://www.ican-ngr.org

2 Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria http://www.cibng.org

3 Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria http://www.citn.org

4 Nigeria Institute of Estate Surveyors & Valuers http://www.niesv.org

5 Association of General & Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria http://www.agmpn.org

6 Association of National Accountants of Nigeria http://www.ananigeria.org

7 Business Education Exams Council http://www.beectraining.com

8 Centre for Law & Development http://www.clds.org

9 Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria http://www.pensioninstitute.com

10 Chartered Institute of Marketing of Nigeria http://www.thenimn.org

11 Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria http://www.ciinigeria.com

12 Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria http://www.cipmnigeria.org

13 Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers http://www.cisnigeria.com

14 Certified Institute of Cost Management http://www.icmn.org

15 Medical & Dental Consultants Association of Nigeria http://www.mdcan-ng.org

16 Nigeria Bar Association http://www.nigeriabar.com

17 Nigerian Institute of Management http://www.managementnigeria.org

18 Nigeria Institute of Quantity Surveyors http://www.niqs.org

19 Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research http://www.niser.org

20 Nigerian Institute of Town Planners http://www.nitp-ng.org

21 Nigerian Medical Association http://www.nigerianma.org

22 Nigerian Society of Engineers http://www.nse.org.ng

23 Science Teachers Association of Nigeria http://www.stan.org.ng

24 Strategic Management Centre http://www.smgnigeria.org

25 West African College of Physicians http://www.wac-phycisians.org

26 Institute of Directors http://www.iodnigeria.com

27 Advertising Practioners Council of Nigeria http://www.apcon.gov.ng

28 Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria http://www.oaan.org

29 Manufacturers Association of Nigeria http://www.manufacturersnigeria.com

30 The Nigerian Institute of Safety Professionals http://www.nispnigeria.com/

31 Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) http://nipreko.org/

32 Pharmacist Council of Nigeria http://www.pcnng.org

33 West African Institute for Financial & Economic Management http://www.waifem.org

34 Financial Institutions Training Centre (FITC) http://www.fitc-ng.com

35 Money Market Association of Nigeria http://www.moneymarketng.com

36 African Institute for Applied Economics http://www.aiae-nigeria.org

37 Nigeria Computer Society http://www.ncs.org.ng/

38 Institute of Credit & Risk Managment http://icrmng.org/index.html

39 Portfolio & Debt Management Institute http://www.pdmin.org

40 Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria http://www.icennig.org

41 Association of National Accountants of Nigeria http://www.anan.org.ng

42 Institute of Registered Administrative Managers of

Nigeria http://www.regdmanager.org/

43 The Institute of Certified Geographers of Nigeria http://www.icgnig.org

44 The Institute of Business Development http://www.ibd-ng.org

45 The Institute of Benefits and Trusts Management http://www.institute-benefits.org

46 The Institute of Pensions Management http://www.penmgt.org

47 Chartered Institute of Administration http://www.cia-ng.org/

48 Nigerian Institute of Professional Secretaries http://www.nipsecretaries.org/

49 Pipeline Professionals’ Association of Nigeria (PLAN) http://plan-ng.com/index.php

50 National Teachers’ Institute http://www.ntinigeria.org/about.html

51 Nigeria Institute of Public Relations http://www.nipr-ng.org/

52 Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria http://www.ps-nigeria.org/

53 The Institute of Chartered Secretaries of Nigeria http://www.icsan.org/about.html

54 Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria


55 Nigerian Institute of Architects http://www.niarchitects.org/

56 Nigeria Insurers Association http://www.nigeriainsurers.com/

57 Nigerian Institute of Building http://www.niobuilding.org/

58 Nigeria Computer Society http://www.ncs.org.ng/aboutus.html

59 Information Technology Association of Nigeria http://www.itan.org.ng/aboutus.htm

60 Certified Institute of Warehousing & Materials Management http://www.cism-ng.org/

61 Institute of Certified Public Accountants of

Nigeria http://cpanigeria.org/education_prog.html

62 Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria http://www.pensioninstituteng.com/about.html

63 Money Market Association of Nigeria http://www.moneymarketng.com/

64 Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria http://www.icennig.org/index.php

65 Institute of Forensic Accountants of Nigeria http://www.ifa-ng.org/

66 Chartered Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Nigeria http://www.cicmang.org/

67 The Institute of Credit Administration of Nigeria http://www.icanigeria.com/

68 The Institute of Company & Commercial Accountants of


69 The Institute of Registered Administrative Managers of

Nigeria http://regdmanager.org/

70 The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply http://www.cips.org/

71 Institute of Industrial Security & Safety of Nigeria http://iissn.org/about_us.html

72 Institute of Public Analysts of Nigeria http://www.ipanng.org/

73 Institute of Investment Management & Research http://www.investment-fa.com

74 Nigerian Institute of Safety Professionals (NISP) http://www.nispnigeria.com/

75 Institute of Public Management (Unique) http://www.ipm-unique.org

76 Institute of Fraud Examiners http://acfeng.org/membership.php

77 Nigerian Institute of Industrial Management http://www.niim.org/index.htm

78 Medical & Dental Council of Nigeria http://www.mdcnigeria.org/

79 Association of West African Professional Economists Bodies http://www.awapeb.org

80 Institute of Strategic Management of Nigeria http://ismng.org/default.aspx

81 Institute of Professional Recruitment Consultants, IPRC Nigeria http://www.iprcng.net

82 Institute of Finance & Control of Nigeria http://www.ifcnnig.org

83 The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport http://ciltnigeria.org/index.php

84 Institute of Treasury Management http://www.instituteoftreasurymanagement.com

85 The Chartered institute of Purchasing and supply management of

Nigeria http://cipsmn.com/

86 Chartered Institute of Commerce of Nigeria http://www.cicng.org/

87 Nigeria Institute of Civil Engineers http://icenigeria.org/

88 Institute of Data Processing Management of Nigeria http://www.idpmnigeria.org

89 Society of Construction Industry Arbitrators of Nigeria http://www.sciarb.com/index.html

In Conclusion

Having seen the importance of joining a professional body, do your utmost best to ensure that you join one related to your field or profession. The benefits of joining a professional body cannot be overestimated. Apart from the professional benefits, it will improve your life personally in a practical and social way. See you at the top, best wishes from Past Question PDF.


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