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How to Pass Post UTME Screening Exams 2023/2024 Session

How to Pass Post UTME Screening Exams 2023/2024 Session.

If you are about writing the post UTME screening exams this year. You will see the steps to pass the 2023/2024 Post UTME Screening Exams. Follow our guide here to pass you exams in flying colors.

How to Pass Post UTME Screening Exams

Most schools are still conducting the Post UTME Aptitude test, whereas some just carry out the Post UTME Screening by accessing JAMB Score, SSCE results and other instructed documents.

After writing the article on how to score very high in JAMB, most reader recommended that I should also do justice to the topic on how to pass post UTME Screening examination.

Understanding the Universities admission pattern for 2021 session is also a key factor in passing Post UTME screening especially for schools that do not write aptitude.

This article will show you steps to take if you want to pass the Post UTME Screening Exams. Follow the steps here if you want to pass the screening test with flying colors.

Here are steps on how to pass post UTME exams excellently.

1.   Use Post UTME Past Questions and Answers to Practice.

For those who are writing aptitude test, your preparation is never complete until you use the post UTME past questions and answers to practice for your examination.

Past questions sharpen your mind and make you understand the scope of the exams you are about to write. There may even be repeated questions from the past questions. In most cases questions in exams especially tertiary aptitude tests are often repeated questions.

For those writing Post UTME aptitude test download post UTME past questions and answers here.

2.   Prepare and get all documents needed for the screening ready

If you are going for post UTME screening and you miss out on just one document, it will be a serious disaster. It is important that you get all the instructed materials ready and keep them safe a day before your screening.

3.   Ensure that you have your six Credit Passes Including Maths and English

This is the first and most important thing first, no matter how much you score in your JAMB or Post UTME result, you will not be admitted if you do not have the mandatory 6 credit passes including English and Mathematics for science subjects.


Do you know of any other way you can score very high in the Post UTME screening exams? Please do share with us in the comment section below. If you found value in reading this article, please do ensure that you share the article to help others pass their post-UTMEs screening exams with flying colors. Make the article go viral. Don’t stop sharing until all your friends see it.

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