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How to get admission without JAMB into any Nigerian University

How to get admission without JAMB into any Nigerian University.

Have you check your JAMB score, and you did not meet the cut-off mark of your school of choice? Did you try to supplement for another course without still making it? Relax, you can still get admission without JAMB.

How to get admission without JAMB into any Nigerian University

First of all, there are some institutions that do not require you to gain admission with JAMB, then they are some exam bodies that require you to register with them and gain admission into 200l after studying two years with them.

Here are some tertiary institutions in Nigeria that do not need JAMB to gain admission into.

How to gain admission directly into 200l.

You can gain admission into 200l without getting into 100 level without JAMB. Here are the ways to gain admission into 200l without JAMB.


The Interim Joint Matriculation Board helps students to gain admission into Nigerian Institutions without writing JAMB. However, it is not all Universities that do IJMB. Some schools call it the Basic Foundation program/pre-degree. But some schools have both the basic Foundation/pre-degree/remedial program and the IJMB program.

Here are IJMB universities in Nigeria.

So in a nutshell, IJMB is one of the ways to gain admission into Nigerian Universities without JAMB.


The Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB), also helps candidates who did not make it in the JAMB exams to gain admission into the Nigerian higher institutions. It is an A-level program. Aside from helping the candidates gain admission, the program makes students have a deeper understanding of basic subjects that are taught in the first year of school.

Here are some universities that accept JUPEB

So, JUPEB is another way that you can gain admission into the university without JAMB.

Basic Studies/Remedial/Pre-degree

A university like the University of Uyo (UNIUYO) use the basic foundation and predegre program interchangeably as IJMB. The predegree or basic remedial program is kind of different because you will still start from the first year howbeit not with JAMB.

Universities that do pre-degree in Nigeria.

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Having seen that there are many ways to gain admission without JAMB into Nigerian universities, you should not dismay if you do did not get a good JAMB score or did not meet up the actual JAMB cut-off mark for your institution of choice.

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