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How to Graduate with First class in a Nigerian University

How to Graduate with First class in a Nigerian University.

Graduating with a first-class should not be something that gives university students a nightmare. Most students think that first class is for highly exceptional people, but on the contrary, most students who come out with first class in school especially Nigerian Universities are actually average students.

How to Graduate with First class in a Nigerian University
How to Graduate with First class in a Nigerian University

Graduating with first class in a Nigerian University is more of a skill than a matter of Intelligence. If you understand how the academic situation in Nigeria works, you will take advantage of the educational situation and graduate with an amazing result.

To graduate with first class you will need to take some steps, some tricky, some risky, and some out rightly dangerous. Take a seat and let’s take a drive around this junction of academic excellence.

Set an academic goal and work towards it.

If you embark on a building project without a budget, you will end up abandoning the project and being mocked.

Your success in your academic pursuit does not start the day you start class, it starts the day your name is out in the school admission list.

Set goals for your academic pursuit. Make findings of your department, what are the courses you are about to be learning in each semester, set goals for each of the courses.

This will enable you to work with a mindset, work smarter and get results on time.

Attend classes daily and sign attendance.

Class attendance is very important. If you are in a school like the one I attended where class attendance carries a mark of 15, then attending classes on a daily becomes essential as an integral part of your journey to graduating with a first-class.

Class attendance is not just important because of securing a mark but because of the things, you will learn. Education is a continuous process and attending classes makes you understand the topics you are taught.

Submit your assignments and complete your CAs

Make sure to do all your assignments and do not miss out on any of your CA.  This is a vital part of scoring high in a course. Let’s take an example here if your total score in a continuous assessment is 25 and you end up scoring 35 in an examination, if you had signed all attendance and the score is added to your result, the total score will be 25+35+15 which equals 75 which is an A. Even without the attendance score, you will still have a score of 60 which is a B. So you see, little drops of water forms a mighty ocean.

Study after Every Class to lessen your Burden during Exams Periods

One big mistake that most students do is to engage in extracurricular activities too much and then burden themselves too much with reading and overnight study during exam periods.

If you can develop a timetable for study and other activities including religious activities –so that you don’t end up blaming God for your failure. This will be a perfect plan. If you can dedicate just four hours daily to the revision of subjects previously taught after classes, you will definitely be on a journey of graduating with first class.


Do you know of any other way to graduate with first-class in a Nigerian University or elsewhere? Please do not hesitate to share your ideas with us. We are very open to new ideas.

Lastly do not think that life finishes at school. Never assume that graduating with a first-class will make your life a fairy tale- no not in Nigeria. But you will certainly be opened to a lot of opportunities.

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Good luck in your academic pursuit and your journey to graduate with first class.

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