JAMB Comprehension Questions and How to Answer.

JAMB Comprehension Questions and How to Answer. JAMB Comprehension Questions shall be taken from the JAMB Novel. You need to know the techniques to answer JAMB Comprehension questions in order to get the right answers within the short period of time given to you.

So what is JAMB Comprehension? JAMB Comprehension Questions are taken from the Comprehension passage which is culled from JAMB Novel for the Year. The JAMB Novel for this year’s JAMB is “the life Changer”. See a summary or Review of the JAMB Novel for this year by clicking this link.

JAMB Comprehension Questions and How to Answer

So let’s get to see how to answers JAMB Comprehension Passage in this article. This article will not only be a helpful guide for answering JAMB comprehension Passages but for similar examinations such as WAEC, NECO, GCE, and even SAT as well as GMAT. So keep reading.

Later in this article, we shall do an article on how to answer JAMB Use of English.

Steps to Answer JAMB Comprehension Passages 2021

Step One: Purchase JAMB Past Questions and Answers. JAMB Past Questions and Answers on English Will ensure that you see how the comprehension passages are answered alongside other parts of the Use of English such as the Lexis and Structure.

Step Two: Purchase the JAMB CBT Software or App. Without trying to sound like a marketer, I will really love to advise you to purchase the JAMB CBT Software as it will save the same purpose of the JAMB Past Questions and answers even on a greater level.

Careful Steps To Follow In Answering JAMB Use of English Questions

The following are the careful yet simple ways to go about answering JAMB use Of English questions.

  • Please ensure that you read the instructions before you commence and check the duration of the examination.
  • Please endeavour, to identify the main points in the passages;
  • You should also take note that you know the meaning of each queried word, phrase or sentences.
  • Also ensure that you identify the grammatical functions of words, phrases and clauses and figurative /idiomatic expression;
  • deduce or infer the writer’s opinion, mood, attitude to the subject matter.
  • While writing the examination, you should pay full attention to details.

Culled from 9jajointlearn.com.ng

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In Conclusion

JAMB Comprehension Questions are not really that tough if you follow the precedent set it. Please ensure that you carefully follow the steps here to correct answer JAMB Comprehension Passages in 2021.

Congratulations in advance and we wish you all the best in your endeavours.

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